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  1. Yes they will. Usually a couple days after. I sent mine by email on Wednesday last year and got a response on Friday. They probably have a lot of emails to go through (over 500) so you'll probably receive a reply next week. Last year I got my reply from Patricia Drochner in the MD admission's office.
  2. Butterfly_

    Applying as a pharmacy student

    Many people switch from different programs and careers when applying to medicine. As long as you have a good rationale for why you are switching then it’s fine in my opinion. I personally had a degree in commerce and several random careers (6 years of full time work) before switching to medicine.
  3. Butterfly_

    Retaking MCAT

    Next Step has good practice tests and I also used Kaplan for content review. Kaplan tests I found overly complicated and not representative of the real mcat.
  4. Butterfly_

    How to set myself up for success

    I think picking something that you’re interested in is very important. Studying something boring can be mind numbing and you may end up getting bad marks from lack of motivation. I come from a non-science background and I found that students in med school with strong anatomy and physiology knowledge are way ahead of the game. So whatever discipline you choose, taking some courses in biology and anatomy would be beneficial to you. Like the previous poster, I think a psychology program is a good choice (if you have interest in it). It’s a good mix of science and arts incase you want to go the latter route.
  5. Good luck everyone :)!!
  6. Butterfly_

    What are my chances for mcmaster med?

    I found reading Doing Right helpful for Casper and MMI preparation.
  7. Butterfly_

    Backup Plans

    I haven’t worked as an EMR, but I’ve worked 6 years full time prior to entering medical school in investment banking and travel. I think full-time work experience teaches skills and allows for personal development that is different from what you can gain from being a student. School life is very different from work life. Plus when you work, you can earn some money and pay off school loans. If your goal is med school and you have great grades and interview invites already, I don’t think spending money on another master will improve your chances much. I’d rather work or take the year off to travel.
  8. Butterfly_

    Backup Plans

    I think working as an EMR and gaining some real life work experience in a healthcare profession can provide you with invaluable insight and strengthen your application.
  9. Butterfly_

    Working in office jobs

    I wouldn’t worry about it.
  10. I think the best time to have kids is during residency. You get paid mat leave, benefits, and a guaranteed job when you come back. I’m 28 now, graduating at 31. Aiming for 2 kids before I’m 35 No matter what you do, it’s always important to maintain a work life balance.
  11. Butterfly_

    TRU-OL Courses

    I took two indigenous literature courses with TRU-OL. It was easiest and convenient. Self-Paced. Had testing centres close to home. Also courses aren’t too pricey either.
  12. Butterfly_

    Interview Invites date?

    I was in the same boat last year. Waiting is always the hardest part! Hang in there everyone. Wish you all the best and good luck !
  13. Butterfly_

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    I don’t understand what you think medicine is. If it’s not about treating people who are sick and diagnosing their illness and how to ethically care for people, then what is it? Even in surgery you can’t just cut into people without doing all the above. Finally, you can still go into nursing. You just have to get a nursing degree. In any case, I think you should speak with a career advisor and get advice from healthcare professionals about their jobs and daily life to have a better understanding of what they do.
  14. I feel like that at times as well. But I know alot of my med school classmates are like that too. So you’re definitely not alone in feeling that way. I think it’s okay to have your own space as long as you’re still happy and motivated. I love staying at home and spend max 12 hours a week at school.
  15. Butterfly_

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    They sound like a bunch of jerks and what they said was beyond rude. The fact that you are in medical school means that the school thinks you have what it takes to succeed. In my experience, arrogance, meanness, and exclusion usually ends up biting the person in the butt. I’m sure there are some nice med students in your class somewhere. Try to make a study group with other students.