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  1. Butterfly_

    Student Loan Questions

    StudentAid BC looks at your tax return. If they discover inaccuracies in what you declare, the CRA can audit you. When you get audited by the CRA, they can see all your bank accounts and claw back the loans you received if they find out any info is falsified. However, I don't think they base "need" on how much money you have in your bank accounts. I believe it's based on your annual income and whether you're dependent or not. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
  2. Butterfly_

    McMaster or Western?

    I live right in the downtown core and have walked on Barton street alone in the evening. Haven’t had a problem. Hamilton is safe in my opinion.
  3. I’m a non-trad first year student studying at Mac and I love it. I choose Mac over Alberta’s 4 year program. 3 years vs 4 years: 3 three years is great for non-trads who are mature and know what they want. I went into med school knowing that I’ll be pursuing family medicine, so I’m not stressed about CARMS or matching. I don’t need the extra time to figure things out. In fact, this shorter timeline works better for my finances and family too. Im used to working full time, so having summers off would feel weird to me. I’m also older so finishing sooner means I can start having kids earlier, which I am very much looking forward to. Shadowing: Way more opportunities if you can travel. Regional campuses have easier access to horizontal electives. All my preceptors have been amazing. 99% of the time you’ll learn lots and have a great time. I’ve only had one so-so experience with a resident who ghosted me during a horizontal. Curriculum: self directed learning and low stakes assessment is great. I have lots of flexibility in my schedule and can tailor my learning to my own pace. Im never stressed about prepping for tutorial or tests. Self-motivation is key to succeeding here. If you’re the type that needs lots of structure, maybe not so good for you. Electives: It was definitely a struggle to get preclerkship electives during Post MF4. This is the only thing that really stressed me out because I didn’t want to do an elective that I had no interest in and I didn’t want my vacation plans ruined. However, the electives department was able to help and find me an elective after I emailed them. They can be very strict or very nice, really a hit or miss with them. For those who have no idea what they want to do, want summers off, prefer to do more research, need more structured style of learning, perhaps a 4 year school would be better for you. I think if I was younger, like in my early 20s I may have chosen a 4 year school so i can have the summers off to travel the world. But life is all about timing after all. Overall I’m glad I choose Mac. It fits my personality, learning style, and current life goals.
  4. Really depends on your life situation. I think 3 year schools are great for people with tighter budgets, young families and those who already know what their career path may look like. I picked a 3 year school over a 4 year one.
  5. Butterfly_

    May 14 Countdown

    Wishing you all the best!!!
  6. I agree that R1's are very knowledgeable and that a physician's proficiency will grow after residency, but there still needs to be sufficient time to ensure that the basic training has been received. Once again, I think the difficulty of generalist medicine is being underestimated. We already have the shortest family medicine residency in the world--we shouldn't make it any shorter. Also, family medicine is not just about practicing medicine. Most family physicians are business owners as well. No one in medical school teaches you how to run a medical office. Learning to become a business owner and a practicing physician in one year seems like an unrealistic timeline. Perhaps starting a practice may not be as big of a problem in Ontario where family health teams are prevalent, but in other provinces like BC, fee for service is the main model. If students want to become FM docs then the ministry should fund more FM spots and allow for transfers into FM spots.
  7. I don’t think one year is sufficient for anyone to feel ready to become a practicing physician of any kind.
  8. Not to worry. When July comes, send him a reminder email with your resume and write some of the highlights you had during the semester. This should be enough to jog his memory. I asked for references from a prof I haven’t spoken to in over 10 years and it was fine.
  9. And the motivation will come naturally if the physician themselves have passion for family medicine and not just see family as a backup or “easy”.
  10. After improving your MCAT, especially CARS, I think you should also try applying broadly across Canada to increase your chances.
  11. Butterfly_

    Doug Ford to cap OHIP-covered psychotherapy

    How many GPs actually abuse the system anyway? Why are we penalizing the patients and not the perpetrators? Also, if the problem is the lack of training, then why don’t we just provide the training? We definitely don’t have enough psychiatrists to meet the psychiatric needs of our patients. The wait time for a psychiatrist in Ontario is 6 months—too long.
  12. I think being a good, generalist family physician is very difficult. I don't think we should underestimate what family doctors do.
  13. Butterfly_

    McMaster Global Health MSc

    You can always rescind your acceptance. You'd probably lose your deposit though
  14. I find juggling extremely difficult. I'd totally fail that course.
  15. Butterfly_

    number of offers

    I'm definitely glad I chose Mac. It's a great school. I'd take 3 years over 4 years any day.