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    How long after your undergraduate can you apply?

    I've never heard of any age/"degree age" limits in applying. I have classmates over 35 years old and I've heard of people entering med school in their 40s. I'm pretty sure they graduated in the in late 2000s and they got in just fine.
  2. Butterfly_

    How Do You Guys Manage Fitness With School?

    Even just taking the time to walk is good exercise. I aim for at least 10k steps a day and go weightlifting 2 times a week. Take the stairs instead of elevators. Public transit instead of driving. I also intermittently fast every day and eat a diet that contains lots of healthy protein and vegetables and a moderate amount of carbs. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Never been healthier/more energetic and I’m approaching my 30s.
  3. Butterfly_

    Weird EC's?

    Exactly what it would suggest. But I do agree with @Meridianon changing your descriptors. Makes it more palpable to the adcoms. I never did any typical premed stuff (I didn't even know what "premed" was when I was applying) except volunteering at the hospital. I was an extensive gamer as a kid/teenager so I understand the magnitude of your ECs--it's amazing. Everyone is unique and you should be proud of your accomplishments. You're non-trad. Own it :)!
  4. Leah4sci videos on YouTube. Online MedEd Osmosis Youtube in general.
  5. Butterfly_

    Weird EC's?

    I find your EC’s hella interesting and awesome. They also allowed you to build important skills. Most importantly, the ECs make you standout :)! I’d totally put them on there. I had weird ECs too: pigeon farming, travel agent. Worked out just fine Good luck on your application!
  6. Totally agree. Don't let other people stop you from doing what you want to do. Accept your offer and be the best that you can be.
  7. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where I can do an elective in Family Med Sports Medicine or Physiatry? I'm looking for a positive learning environment with lots of teaching. Open to any province in Canada. Thank you!
  8. I've heard of a medical student who went to UBC with hepatitis. I think you may be restricted in what type of procedures you can do and what kind of medicine you are allowed to practice. I think you'll also have to have your viral load monitored. If it is high, then you may put your patients at risk. This will be a good question to ask the admissions. I don't think they have any restrictions in the US though. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/health-headlines/hepatitis-b-no-barrier-to-career-in-medicine-according-to-u-s-officials-guidelines-1.1269072
  9. Butterfly_

    Middle Child

    So sorry to hear about your experience. Because of what you went through, you are stronger, more resilient and compassionate. You have so much to be proud of. I sincerely wish you all the best in the future.
  10. Butterfly_

    Should I rewrite my MCAT?

    I think a higher cars score would enable you to apply to more Canadian universities and improve your overall chances. Though UBC is your preferred medical school, it’s never a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket.
  11. Butterfly_

    Keep calm and wait

    Waiting was the hardest part. It was agony. The best advice I can give is to keep yourself busy, spend time with family& friends, and do fun things. Watch netflix/youtube, especially inspiring talent show/singing auditions -> really brings the mood up. Reading previous years acceptance posts also kept my hopes up. Exercise regularly. Best of Luck!
  12. Butterfly_

    This Is Insane

    I know others have already mentioned this in previous replies, but I want to reiterate that research is not required for admission into medical school. It’s okay if you don’t have any. You CAN get in without it. I’m in medical school now and I still don’t have any research. To be honest, I don’t know very much about research. Right now, I’m focusing on learning the basics of methodology and how to critically analyze papers. And I’m okay with that :)!
  13. Butterfly_

    Need some advice with my case

    US schools are more expensive, but a safer route than Caribbean schools.
  14. Confused about this as well. Is palliative care considered a family med elective? Family care of the elderly, is that geriatrics or family?
  15. I moved from BC to Kingston for undergrad and it honestly was a big adjustment. The initial few months were extremely overwhelming. However, given the competitive nature of getting into medical school, location within Canada mattered ZERO for me when applying. I wanted medicine so bad I was willing to study anywhere in Canada. I was just aiming for one acceptance. In reality, not many applicants get to choose where they go anyway. OP should worry about it later, if he gets accepted.
  16. I came from a Commerce background and had no university science courses. The toughest part about having no science is preparing for the MCAT. I had to quit my job and full-time study for the MCAT with youtube videos, khan academy, and two sets of prep MCAT prep books. Also bought AAMC and Next Step practice tests. I did not do any prep courses with the big companies (it was too expensive). Did okay on the MCAT and got into med school. It's doable--just takes lots of self-discipline. Now in med school, I do find that I lack the basic science knowledge that my peers have and I have to spend more time studying than they do. But with that said, non-trad students bring a different perspective to the table. We enrich discussions by bringing in aspects that traditional students have never experienced. In the long run, everything evens out! Best of luck
  17. Butterfly_

    Post-interview impressions

    There is nothing unprofessional about being a very happy person with a bubbly personality.
  18. In general, I find princess street and areas of campus quite safe. I lived there for 4 years (more than 10 years ago) and never encountered any blatant racial slurs or attacks. Highly recommended Royal Angkor or Woodenheads for food if you’re hungry after interviews
  19. How can a website not affiliated with carms nor any universities be able to help anyone with a swap? $50 for a talking platform? How is it any different from the premed101 messaging board?
  20. Butterfly_

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    I Bankers have horrible sleep cycles too. Depending on the companies they analyze and where they are based, they may have to watch stock markets in several different countries/time zones, particularly during earnings seasons (eg. Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore). The overtime is insane. Always rushing to write reports/tweaking models till late at night past 10/11pm. After work, you also have to go drink with clients to build relationships, hangout with colleagues you don’t like, and that could last until 2 or 3am—destroying your liver in the process. Then you’re expected to start work again at 6am feeling like crap and hungover. But you can’t show it at work. You’re still expected to have perfect grooming and look sharp. There are many many days without sleep. And you’re totally right about the no job stability part. You can mess up at any moment and your boss can fire you within a blink of an eye. Or if the stock market crashes, the first they let go is the junior banker. One big positive for bankers is that they live in downtown urban areas in big cities. Therefore, I think both surgeons and I bankers work extremely hard. Surgeons care for people but I bankers care for money. If you’re a person who cares for people but works in i banking then it could be absolutely soul crushing and demoralizing.
  21. Curious, why do you want to pursue medicine instead of NP?
  22. Butterfly_

    Post-interview discussion

    Last year I was just like you, I kept ruminating over my answers and beating myself up. I know it's so hard not to think about how you did, but try your best to do stuff to take your mind off of it. Last year, I knew students who thought they did well post interview and didn't get in. While others thought they messed up completely and got in. It just shows how our post interview feelings are not necessarily an indication of how the interview actually went. Instead, congratulate yourself on completing the interview! You've made it this far. You should be proud of yourself for it! Best of luck in April and May!
  23. I think it’ll be valuable to put it in. Back when I was applying, I added all sorts of jobs on my application, from being a waitress, newspaper delivery person, to being theatre usher and more. It shows that you have some real world experience that is outside of academia which is good for well-roundedness and diversity. Not everyone has the luxury of not needing to work. Some can’t afford to go to school otherwise. Hence showing your work experience can also help you compensate for having less extra-curriculars or research (if those are possible lacking areas). Furthermore, jobs allow you to gain life experience and a type of maturity that you wouldn’t be able to gain from being in school—so definitely would be a plus in my eyes. Lastly, I think it’s fine to diversify. Do what your heart desires. If a job makes you miserable, don’t keep doing it. Do something that makes you happy. You’re young and this is a time to explore. I think I had at least 12 jobs on my application lol.
  24. Butterfly_

    Not sure what to do.

    You can take online English courses to meet UBC’s English requirement. I did mine with TRU Open Learning (Thompson Rivers University) - easy and not time consuming.
  25. Spaced repetition via self-testing has been an effective method for me so far. Focus more on recall rather than recognition. (There's lot of research on this in psychology and the evidence does suggest it works) Also at this stage I think it's more important for us to learn the concepts rather that memorizing all the facts. The facts will come with time because we will most likely encounter these concepts again and again as we progress.