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  1. Thank you! That's really helpful to know. I've heard from friends and acquaintances that there might be around 15-20 people who get off the waitlist each year (in total - both campuses). Anyway, best of luck @Snow8765! Nope, I'm just waiting to hear back from U of T unfortunately. You?
  2. It seems like the waitlist for U of T might be a lot shorter than all of the other Ontario schools (based on the activity in this thread and the 2019 waitlist poll) ... but I presume they also wouldn't accept as many off the waitlist than any other school in Canada. Do you guys think U of T will be sending out acceptances tomorrow?
  3. Hi, Has anyone who's submitted a bursary application post-interview been contacted by U of T? In the application form, they said that they would contact individual applicants for additional information, such as the CRA document. Since bursary results will be coming out on May 14th along with the offers, I presume they would ask for additional information prior to that day? Thank you!
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