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  1. Hey everyone, I was just wondering how to enter the "date awarded" for awards received on a yearly basis (ex: Dean's List). The system does not allow one to list several years (ex: 2016, 2017, 2018, etc). Is it recommended to list the most recent date and then expand in the description section or? Thanks!
  2. Is the min GPA cut-off the GPA with the lowest year dropped or cGPA?
  3. cmo


    Has anyone else got their ranking yet? Or know when they're supposed to be released?
  4. If I am a volunteer Research Assistant, does this role going under research? I have no publications or anything but I am mentioned in the acknowledgment section of one project. Thanks!
  5. So would you say it’s more restricted to activities that take place in a hospital setting such as research and hospital volunteering for example?
  6. Hey guys for the supplemental information form, does anyone know what activities might be considered medically relevant? Like is it only activities that deal with patients, etc. Or would scholarships and captain of sports teams be considered medically relavent too in that I developed leadership skills, etc ?? Thanks!
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