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  1. Time Stamp: 12:25 PM Accepted VFMP AGPA: ~89.5% MCAT: 513 (125 Cars) ECs: average compared to everyone on here, longest duration was about 3 years or so but lots of leadership positions, volunteer at crisis line, hospital, little research. Most of my volunteer experiences were unique in that they were at places med students don't typically volunteer at. Message me if you would like more information. Geography: IP Interview: Felt really good about it during and right after. However, convinced myself that it wasn't good enough soon after and was preparing myself for a rejection. From last year (rejected pre-interview) NAQ: ~22 AQ: ~31 TFR: ~52 Congrats to everyone else who has been accepted! To those who have been waitlisted and unfortunately rejected I hope you keep on trying and remember this rejection doesn't have anything to do with your suitability for this profession.
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