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  1. I was accepted off the waitlist (IP)
  2. Admissions blog updated...round 2 offers out.
  3. Anyone IP hear back from the waitlist yet?
  4. Do you mean since being waitlisted?
  5. YOU DA REAL MVP! Congrats wherever you’re headed. You mind if I ask if you’re IP or OOP?
  6. As far as I know, if you’re on the waitlist you still need to send in your transcripts. Maybe just message admissions?
  7. apple_med

    UBC vs UofT

    In my opinion, having lived and worked in both cities, there are indeed greater clinical and shadowing opportunities in Toronto. This is simply from the vast amount of teaching hospitals affiliated with the many medical schools in Ontario. Good luck with your choice and congrats on both acceptances!
  8. Sigh! Here’s to hoping and praying!
  9. Yeah I’m assuming about that many would get off the waitlist! Hopefully they wouldn’t over offer. What a weird position to be in on a Waitlist. I figured either a rejection or acceptance, didn’t think about waitlist!
  10. Who else is in the Waitlist boat? I was happy not to receive a rejection but not sure what to think about this! Anyone have any success stories? In-province here.
  11. Does anyone know how the works in terms of if OOP and IP Waitlisters are separate?
  12. apple_med

    Decision day

    So did I. Is this your first app?