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  1. if anything, school 2 messed up. you should be fine though
  2. I don't think such a thing exists but if it does, i would also like to know about it
  3. differs every year so hard to say for sure but i would say you are in the mix. sit tight!
  4. not true. There actually are online courses with lab components that require you to do experiments. I had a friend who did a couple but not sure through which institution. They send you lab kits. Only introductory courses though. I do not know of any that are high level courses.
  5. Should be ECHA fifth floor, dentistry department. Check your emails to see if the signature has information on office location.
  6. depends on the admission cycle. However, if you know your DAT, GPA, and interview score, you should have a good understanding of where you stand in relation to previous admission cycle and people who got accepted
  7. dont fret about that. It seems like a yearly occurrence that kids get paranoid about their official status. Changing the status for an application seems to have a severe lag.
  8. Creating your own BIO and CHEM notes will never be a bad thing! Using them to review concept that you wrote yourself is an excellent idea to help make you remember things over a period of time. All the advice that has been given here so far is very good and i think you have a good idea of what resource you should use to study. I can vouch for some of the things that were said and add on to it. BIO and CHEM: Your current resource of Kaplan + AP cliffs Bio will give you a good understanding of topics and you will do well. However, i agree there are far more representative materials out there. As sel397 said, Kaplan is a little bit outdated and therefore does not match the difficulty as well. But if you use another resource in conjunction with kaplan and AP cliffs, i think you would be good. PAT: Again i agree that the best practice comes from doing the PAT on paper as sel mentioned but cleanup and qwerty are right in saying that IQ publications is not the way to go. Severely outdated, has mistakes, and its simply not representative of the actual exam. I would strongly recommend datcrusher for this section. Nothing came close to it in my experience and i tried everything from IQ all the way to achiever (which was way overkill). Their unlimited printable generators made the actual test a joke since i got so fast and accustomed to doing it on paper. RC: Some say this section is impossible to study for and some say there is a methodology to it and i would say i am somewhere in between. On one hand, a predictor of how you do depends on how familiar you are with the chosen subject topic. Say on test day an article about engines shows up and you have an above average knowledge on the topic due to your upbringing or interests, then you will have a easier time reading the passage then a student who does not have that knowledge. last cycle actually, crusher had a passage on their site that showed up on the actual test. More luck then anything i assume but reading the forums it seemed like it helped a lot of kids out. On the other hand, having a sound approach and methodology to the RC is beneficial also. Irregardless of that though, we can all agree that reading in general to speed up your skill and comprehension will obviously have no downfall. And i think you will get that with many of the resources. Whether they are representative of the difficulty you will face on the DAT however, that is a different topic all together. I'd say, whatever resource you currently have that has an RC component, use it, even if its just reading scientific articles online. The more the better! Because again with the exception of maybe IQ publications, resources like crusher, bootcamp, crackdat, probably even kaplan, will give you that exposure!
  9. My teacher always told me there is no such thing as a dumb question, but i dont know about that anymore.
  10. You can post this in the classifieds section and it would probably get more attention
  11. exactly, just carry on as normal and sit tight for the news!
  12. You can think about it in both ways. At the end of the day, they do it because those individuals who get early admission are likely not going to have their stats changed by incoming marks. i agree with you though they could simply do everyone in one round and do wait list as people reject. Some really good scores here btw. For the lurkers out there, remember that usually people who only did really good come here to post their stats. So if you feel like you are not in the same league because your scores are not insanely high like some of the students here, don't worry. Just sit tight, nothing you can do at this point.
  13. All depends on what type of student you are. Are you the type of student to be studying all the time or has bad time management? Have you had a commute before to school for say, undergrad? I had a 70 minute one way commute to university everyday for 3 years for my undergrad and i found it to be just fine. After i got into professional school, i had a 25 minute one way commute to the university for a while and now i have a 45 second walk commute. So i will say this, it really will not matter. You will adapt to your situation. Living far away has its perks but none of them really have to do with academics. Living close will give you ease of mind and the luxury of coming and going at leisure. So ask yourself if saving the money is worth it. I was lucky to get a place that has me pretty much paying what i was when i was far away but it all comes down to this; Will the money i save be as valuable as the time i lose? And honestly, having done both, and being in a professional program where you know you are going to make a lot of money afterwards makes it a no brainer. I would go for the ease of mind and just get a place closeby and not worry about the money. Money will come and go, it's just that for the time being, it will mostly 'go' haha.
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