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  1. Im currently entering my third year of my microbio undergrad and I think I'm in dire straits. My first year went fine but my second year was terrible as I got three C's and a D. I've so far worked on imporving my study habits a lot but now so far my GPA is 3.37. I know for sure I'm no more qualified for any med schools outside of Manitoba so I guess UofM is my only option. Do I still have a chance to get into UofM or are they numbered?
  2. Im currently in my second year of undergrad at UfM and I am freaking out about my second semester which consists of organic chem 2, biochem 2, physics, molecularbio 2, and cell bio. A lot of people have told me that this schedule is insane but I have no choice but to take it due to my degree requirements for molecular biotechnology. Is it possible for me to do well during that semester or am I basically doomed?
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