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  1. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this has already been answered before, but I'm currently pretty desperate. I'm currently in my second semester of CEGEP, and I wish to apply to Med-P (I've heard that it wasn't only limited to McGill, and that other universities also had similar programs). I started doing peer tutoring and wanted to find some volunteer work for this summer. I neglected the fact that the deadline for a lot of volunteer work or other EC was in early 2018. What are my options right now? I researched a bit, and I believe that applications are sent around this time of the year, so any EC or volunteer work done after that wouldn't count (during the summer of 2019)? Also, I just saw that the R Score required to enter the program went up dramatically. Do I still have a chance considering I had an R Score of 34.85 last semester? I don't expect my R Score to be much higher for my second semester either. Thanks a lot.
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