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  1. Yes we did get them faster this year. Just wondering.. those who got an invite, would you be able to write your stats? Interms of GPA, born and raised in NO or not, if not where -and extra curriculars Thank you its much appreciated
  2. Congrats you guys who got an interview! Me unfortunately no interview this time :(. Heart broken but it is what it is Take care
  3. haha. I love it. Great bunch of future doctors on this thread if you ask me . Yes we got this. Take care
  4. Thank you donut and d.m. Eagerly waiting! Happy new year and good luck to all! Have a good first week back to school for those who will attend
  5. Happy holidays guys! One more month for a big day for all of us take care
  6. Haha same! I didn’t want to open it and then realized that I’m ok for now... lol
  7. Argh! Me too dreamteam22. Let’s hope we are all lucky it definitely will be a dream come true if I get in take care
  8. hey everyone feeling anxious over here as January is just around the corner! how is everyone doing? Take care
  9. Hey dreamteam22 Im not too sure about what they expect for the answers. I did think that we needed more characters though maybe it is just me The invites go in Jan I believe Take care
  10. Haha I’m so glad you guys got everything done before the due date
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