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  1. Sure. Keep me updated as well haha
  2. Over 25 hours and still nothing at 9pm...
  3. I paid and submitted last night at 8 pm est. Still have not received an email with an I'D that lets me sign up for Minerva. Should I be worried?
  4. Slickrick

    What time do we need to submit by on Nov 1st

    Do you know what time?
  5. Gonna be doing this thing until the last minute! Anyone know what time it needs to be submitted by?
  6. I've heard this from a friend. I have no idea if there is any truth to it. I would like to think that removing one scenario would ensure better representation of your abilities without outliers. I was able to answer most scenarios well I think but I completely screwed up one scenario due to pain shooting up my back (long story). Anyone have any insider info here?
  7. Slickrick

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    8pm tester. 4 of 8 video scenarios were good. 2 were iffy. 2 were complete shit (you can probably guess which for one of them). In general I felt ok about the writing prompts except one went badly.
  8. Has anyone had verifiers contacted on 2 separate days? Like, if I had 3 verifiers contacted a few weeks ago, should I expect any others to be contacted?
  9. omsas told me the most recent scored should be put
  10. how were they reached last year? I'm worried about one of my foreign activity verifiers not being able to speak English on the phone.
  11. Slickrick

    ABS Advice

    I would be willing to help
  12. also had a verifier contacted yesterday. not sure about my other verifiers
  13. my referee didn't get the email from omsas. anyone have any idea how long it takes to process a reset request? worried about time here...