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  1. The sad part is that I doubt this lowers the CARS cutoff.. they probably have enough applicants getting that 129 as it is, and this will just help them trim the pack a bit
  2. does anyone know the character/word limit for these abbreviated ABS entries?
  3. personally, I'm rewriting the exact same score distribution as your second attempt. 3.97 gpa and no interviews this year. do it if you think you can do better
  4. Slickrick

    How long did the application to McGill take?

    Thanks everybody!
  5. To preface, I'm an OOP student who is going to apply in the summer before my 4th year. However, I will have huge constraints on my free time this summer. I'm not so sure about what is needed for a McGill app. AFAIK you only need a CV this year and Casper. How long did the CV take you guys to make? Are there any essays involved at all?
  6. Slickrick

    Next round of invites

    I'm sitting at a near 4.0 gpa, have good EC's in my estimation, and consider myself to be a strong writer and felt confident about my essays. Either my rec letters aren't good enough (I actually believe they are above average) or I'm just really unlucky.
  7. Slickrick

    Next round of invites

    That is true, but the Facebook post explicitly said we would hear by early next week. I'm assuming if I'm not rejected by next Friday then I am on the wait list
  8. Slickrick

    Next round of invites

    Looks like we're done
  9. Slickrick

    Next round of invites

    This sucks.
  10. I'm always secretly mad when someone posts here and it's not me.. but I can't really be mad at pickle rick
  11. Slickrick

    TPR online access extension

    What exactly did you say on the phone to get that 9 month extension? I need to extend mine sadly
  12. Slickrick

    Next round of invites

    That sucks. What are your plans for next year?
  13. Slickrick

    Next round of invites

    No interview at any other schools, really thought u of t would give me a shot