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  1. my referee didn't get the email from omsas. anyone have any idea how long it takes to process a reset request? worried about time here...
  2. holy shit we have the same cars, 521 mcat and similar gpa (3.98). I'm not gonna bother with it, no way it goes down to 127
  3. I'm OOP with 127 cars, 521 total. will I be screened out?
  4. is 521 too low to receive an oop interview? I have a 3.98/4 gpa, not sure how this converts at Manitoba. do I have a decent shot at an interview?
  5. I'm trying to help out my referee, problem is English isn't his first language. does anyone know what the email referees receive looks like? Does it include a link to a portal to upload the reference letter PDF? what about the confidential assessment form?
  6. Slickrick

    MCAT Cutoffs

    probably not. These essays are very time consuming and cutoffs will drop to 128 at the most, and probably not at all
  7. kinda pissed that we can't include these under research. anyone know how best to include stuff like this, and which category it should go into?
  8. Hey everyone, just want to get a feel for this. I have a 522 MCAT with 127 cars and a 3.98 GPA. Good Ec's in my opinion. is it worth it to apply as OOP or will the 127 be below a cutoff?
  9. Just curious. I'm OOP with good stats but I haven't looked at this thing yet and the deadline is approaching. how long did it take you all to do this thing?
  10. The sad part is that I doubt this lowers the CARS cutoff.. they probably have enough applicants getting that 129 as it is, and this will just help them trim the pack a bit
  11. does anyone know the character/word limit for these abbreviated ABS entries?
  12. personally, I'm rewriting the exact same score distribution as your second attempt. 3.97 gpa and no interviews this year. do it if you think you can do better
  13. Slickrick

    How long did the application to McGill take?

    Thanks everybody!
  14. To preface, I'm an OOP student who is going to apply in the summer before my 4th year. However, I will have huge constraints on my free time this summer. I'm not so sure about what is needed for a McGill app. AFAIK you only need a CV this year and Casper. How long did the CV take you guys to make? Are there any essays involved at all?