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  1. neodyme

    Post refusal questions

    Hey, Yes Athabasca courses are accepted from what the admission coordinator had told me on the phone.
  2. neodyme

    DENT 2019

    What matters is that you are full time (doing 12 credits per semester).
  3. neodyme

    Physics Science Pre-Requisites

    So I heard from them today ! It took around 20 days which is not bad. And they were able to substitute all of my courses from option II as well as organic chemistry from option I
  4. neodyme

    Physics Science Pre-Requisites

    I checked there too, but couldn't find an equivalency to my courses. I applied for a substitution for some courses I did during my undergrad for the option II pre-requisites. Does anyone know how long it will take aprox for the evaluation knowing that I submitted it 2 days after the opening date ( June the 1st ) ?
  5. neodyme

    Physics Science Pre-Requisites

    Thank you, I was refused post-interview. My ranking for the science pre-requisits portion indicates clearly that they chose to evaluate me upon option1 GPA rather than option II. It can only mean that I didn't fulfill the courses criteria for option II. @SunAndMoon So from what I understood on their website is that they choose the option with the highest GPA. ( although you must fulfill their criteria) Sadly I tried to communicate with them via e-mail and I got no answer. And on their website it's written " The Office of Admissions is not able to assess your courses prior to your application. A determination of validity will be made only during the file review process." which is not very helpful...
  6. neodyme

    Physics Science Pre-Requisites

    Hey guys, I saw that the Biochemistry I is equivalent to cell biology and metabolism that is required in the option 2 for science pre-requisits. https://www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/studentinfo/undergrads/course-equivalencies . Do you guys know if I can use my biochem I (3cr) or II (4cr) to substitute that course ? Also, I did an organic chemistry course during my undergrad, which is only 2 credits. Should I retake a 3 credits course or can I use my 2 credits course for my application ? I'm uncertain on wether I should to retake some of my cegep classes (My GPA is very low), or work on fulfilling the requirements for option 2 (So far a decent GPA)....
  7. neodyme

    R score and recruitment norms

    Depends if you will apply as an IP or an International student. As an IP, they would only include your R score from courses you've done here ( it's only two missing courses, but if it was more than 40% of the cegep courses , they would probably need to convert those marks from Morocco as well). This shouldn't affect your application and you would be considered as someone who's done their whole cegep here in Quebec. However, if you apply as an international student ( which I doubt considering you'll be in Qc for at least 2 years before applying for Med-P), they might consider your transcript for those two courses. Good luck!
  8. neodyme

    shadowing doctors

    Thank's for the confirmation.
  9. neodyme

    shadowing doctors

    Thank you for the clarification. I found out that I will have the oportunity to observe a suregry in neuro. Would that be considered as shadowing ?
  10. Hello, Is there any particular process to shadow a doctor like a database or a website that helps match pre-med students with doctors who are willing to have a student do the shadowing? Or is it more by contact ( if you know a dr personally and you just asked them? ). Thank you
  11. neodyme


    I know it is hard to neglect the "why"... The feeling I get from this is that maybe he was interested at first, but not anymore. There could be different reasons and it is most likely that he talks to a lot of girls at the same time and once a new girl that is more interesting pops up the other ones become a standby. That's why he is keeping it short, but it gets you confused that he still talks to you even if it's shallow convos. I suggest you don't reply to him, and even if you do, keep it short and plain (like if you mirror his behaviour). Take what I say with a grain of salt, I might be completely wrong, but I know that if a guy is interested in you, he would find any stupid excuse to talk to you or hang out with you....but just keep in mind that it's his loss and not yours .
  12. neodyme

    My chances in Mcgill as an IP

    Update. Ranking of your file doesn't mean your ranking on the applicants list. Due to a certain number of ties, having a 290 ranking doesn't mean I am 290th on the list. And yes, it was 272, but they were able to offer more interviews as space became available. But I am still wondering about my chances to have an interview this year...
  13. neodyme

    My chances in Mcgill as an IP

    Yeah probably.
  14. Hello! Last year, I was refused with a 3.68 GPA and a very good CV+ narrative. Despite my low GPA, My CVPN was good enough to bring my total ranking to 290th which was near the cut off ( knowing that they invited 272 applicants) . Just to give you an idea, I had 2 published articles in which one I am first author during my undergrad as well as a few posters and conferences. I volunteer with 3 organisms and do a lot of extracurricular activities. I earned two scholarships during my undergrad internships. For this cycle, my cGPA is 3.87 ( 3.98 and 4.00 for my last two semesters in my undergrad). My CV had improved with the addition of a third article and other international conferences, another prestigious scholarship and more extracurricular activities. I now wonder, what are my chances with my overall improvments to be invited to an interview as an IP? Also, now that the PN has been replaced with the Casper, do I still stand a chance even if I perfom within the average or bellow ? Thank you !