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  1. What would you guys say the best credit card combo is with scotia? (Picking two out of the American Express Gold, Visa Infinite Passport, and Visa Infinite Momentum?)
  2. Does anyone know when converting to a professional line of credit if RBC is prime -0.25%? I know Scotia changes to prime, but does RBC remain at -0.25?
  3. Does anyone know how renting out the house to other students affects OSAP? (While also living in it) Does receiving rental income to pay the mortgage count against my OSAP loan?
  4. I still can't figure out how to calculate my GPA properly, my posted one doesn't make sense to me using any method. I've called and was assured it was correct but still don't understand the calculation. Does anyone else feel their GPA is weird? Is everyone else's the same as Calgary's? Anyone know more about their calculation process?
  5. Hi all, I noticed the cumulative GPA is posted and mine seems lower than I thought it would be. My Calgary one is higher for example. I'm a little unclear about how to calculate it on my own to confirm, and would really appreciate if someone could explain how to do it to me. I'm an Ontario student, who has completed four years, and has taken summer courses. From their site, I take that they drop my lowest year, but don't drop any summer courses? What qualifies as full time by their standards? Each semester I took 5 classes, but one summer I took 3 classes (but same number of credits as 5), and another summer I took 2 classes. Also, I couldn't find anything explaining how to convert my grades to U of A. Is it the same as Calgary for an Ontario student? Thank you!
  6. Hi all, Trying to plan my next year and not sure if I should be applying to lots of masters etc as back up. Any thoughts on likelihood of interviews would be appreciated. OMSAS cGPA: 3.73 First year: 3.18 Second year: 3.83 Third year: 3.94 Fourth year: 3.98 MCAT: 515 Chem: 127 CARS: 129 Bio: 130 Psych: 129 EC: Pretty unique, but not medical related. Not sure how to rank myself on this. Casper: also no idea how to rank I am an Ontario resident and applied to Calgary, Alberta, and all the OMSAS ones. Thoughts? Were any of my applications a waste of money? Should I apply to different schools next cycle? Any schools where I have a reasonable chance? Thank you!
  7. For the question, "Should you not be admitted to medical school this year, what are your alternate plans?" there is no word limit listed and it doesn't seem to cut me off after any specific amount. I was just wondering how other people approached this and/or how detailed I should be? Thanks
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