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  1. Very interesting, thank you all for the insight. @NutritionRunner, when you contribute, you pay 16.1% of your annual earnings pre-tax right? This plan is absolutely insane if you can get on it early enough!
  2. Hello, Just out of interest, I’m just wondering whether anyone here is familiar with the terms and availability for the HOOPP plan for doctors. Do most doctors in Ontario have this pension plan? I know it is the case for many nurses and hospital staff but I was just wondering if most hospitals contribute for doctors too (and what kind of doctors if they do). I ran some numbers in the calculator on the website and the pension seems ridiculously high: if your earnings were $300,000 per year (I know not all doctors earn this but many specialists do) and you joined the pension at age 32 until age 60, you would receive approximately $14,435 per month or $173,220 per year. If anyone has any info as to how HOOPP works for doctors, I would be interested to learn more! As well, how it compares to the federal public service pension (I always thought it was the best pension available out there, but clearly not if the above info is accurate) and/or other DB pensions.
  3. Thank you all so much! Really appreciate your responses!
  4. Hello, I am hesitating between applying to the French or English stream. I am completely bilingual, IP, wGPA of 3.97, and have good ECs. I believe that the French stream is traditionally less competitive but I don't want to go for the less competitive route if there are setbacks that will occur in the future due to this choice. My only hesitation with regards to the French stream is residency/future opportunities: if I select the French stream and decide later on I want to pursue a residency in English, or even a residency in the US, would I be at a disadvantage? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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