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  1. Queen's does not specialize in Cardioresp, Queen's is the generalist program where you get similar exposure to all three areas pretty equally. We only end up taking two cardio resp courses so there isn't a bigger focus on it compared to neuro and MSK. Our cardio teacher is great at what she does an she is very well known so maybe this is why people think we focus on it more... i dont know lol.
  2. Very debatable, I had a 3.96 GPA when i got accepted last year but that doesn't make me the most qualified candidate. The reason why marks should only be a part of the picture is because I understood the in's and out's of what courses to take and how to achieve good marks (from being a TA). My time being a TA taught me what other TA's look for when marking exams. Ultimately, marks are very subjective depending on your school and they definitely should be a big part of admissions criteria (to weed out some applicants out of the 1000), but volunteer experiences I think are more valuable for admissions in order to show commitment and learn things you simply can't in school. My 3.96 wasn't very difficult because I took a degree in neuroscience and loved it, loved all my courses, and ultimately was in a great position to succeed at my smaller university. Just because others don't have similar situations doesn't mean they should be penalized based on a couple decimals of GPA points. If you got volunteer experience that's what makes candidates unique.
  3. To be honest, Kingston is pretty expensive either way. It's more about if the offer shows up. If there is an available spot close to campus, jump on it, you will be paying relatively similar prices whether you are closer/further away from campus.
  4. a Square Between University and Division and then between Johnson and Earl. It's like a small square above the Queen's ARC.
  5. I would recommend a car, you aren't guaranteed a spot in kingston so it would definitely help for commutes. Yeah unless you have family in the city, you may have to pay double rent.
  6. Honestly not really... I would say anywhere within a 20 min walk that is not within the student ghetto north of campus is a good option. Student life is fun, you will meet a lot of great people in orientation. The profs are great however, like all programs there are some great and some not so great lol. Depends on your learning style.
  7. It's definitely nice to be close to campus, the Kingston transit system is not the greatest. Depending on your lifestyle I wouldn't suggest living north of campus in the student ghetto, it's nice to visit on homecoming and St. Pats day but I def wouldn't want to live in it. There is parking close by campus that you can probably use, some of my classmates park nearby so I think it's a viable option if you live further away.
  8. Advice I would give would be to enjoy it. You are definitely going to be overwhelmed because PT school is incredibly difficult in terms of workload and stress. I would say to remember that you are with 70 other people in the same boat and to just enjoy it. Go out with friends, go to the gym, play sports, don't spend every weekend studying until you pass out. Try to maintain a good balance because the 2 years fly by pretty quick.
  9. Yeah... basically your first semester is a whirlwind of work. You take all your major foundation courses in the first semester and it becomes quite hectic so they can send you to placement early. However the early placement is awesome because in reality you learn way more on placements than you ever will in class. I felt way more competent as a student coming back from placement and the early placement is great for getting you ready early in the program.
  10. Basically Queen's catchment is very large but includes lots of smaller cities. It's probably not possible to stay in Kingston every placement since they are highly sought after by other students in your class/program. Sometimes you will get second rounded and will be stuck in a smaller city (however being second rounded is a reality in every program, you will learn more about choosing placements in the program). Yes you give your top five preferences for each placement. The Northern placements aren't at the NOSM school but they run through it, so if you wanted a northern ontario placement you go through both Queen's and NOSM and they will find you a spot with accommodations.
  11. 1) Like/Dislike: You get to go on placement earlier than the other programs in January however, your first semester is really hectic. In order to be ready for your first placement so early, your first semester is quite busy but after first year, it calms down quite a bit. The program is really front-loaded so you get all the work done early on but it's a bit stressful. 2) Catchment area is alright. Some placements you will be in really small towns (again, could be a pro or a con), while others you will be right in downtown kingston (which is amazing in the summer time). The variety of opportunities is good because you also have the chance to go to the NOSM if you are interested in that. 3) All the PT programs are the same in terms of value. They are all difficult to get into and all provide a world class education with great instructors teaching you. The main difference about Queen's is the earlier placement in January. Sorry that probably doesn't give you much.. Any program you choose will be fantastic, however if you aren't a great self-learner/independent student then I probably wouldn't suggest Mac due to PBL. Best of luck!
  12. Congrats on the acceptances everybody! And for those still on the waitlist, I wish you the best of luck hopefully the waitlists move in your favour. Currently a Queen's PT student so if you have any questions you can PM me or post here. Look forward to meeting some of you in the fall!
  13. Last year Toronto, Mac and Western all sent out at midnight EST. Queen's usually sends early in morning around 2-9am.
  14. I took PHGY 210 at Queen's, it's all online however the final exam is written in person on Queen's campus. Not sure if it can be done online so i would double check if you aren't in Kingston
  15. Yes your evaluated based on computer questions