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    damn, don't see a tab, they probably messed up and it showed up early for those who got interviews, oh well
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm not currently in medicine but hoping to land some interviews and hopefully get in this cycle (or in the next few years) I've always had an interest in Anesthesiology and was wondering if anyone currently in the field or has some experience with Anesthesia could comment on what the general feeling is towards Artificial Intelligence (for better or worse) ? How much of your practice, say giving drugs during surgeries, can be replaced by AI? We're living in age where AI Lawyers might be a real thing in the near future (http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41829534), so interested to know how it could effect anesthesiology (or surgery, medicine etc...)
  3. Hey guys, whenever I click calculate my gpa on ucan I get sent to an error page which says " Error An error has occurred within the system. Please click your back button to continue." any thoughts would be helpful, thanks