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  1. Good luck to all this upcoming cycle! For now, be very patient.... In the meantime, pretend OMSAS does not exist until: 1) your verification report comes in the post; and 2) interview invites arrive. Best wishes! Haly
  2. Thanks for sharing your story! There is nothing 'wrong' with working for a period of time before applying to medical school. (Don't forget that employment is an 'EC'). Also, as you have noted, do explore the field to make sure this is the path you want to take. I encourage you to read through this non-trad part of the forum. You will find many moving stories. And, welcome to another representing UW.
  3. Haha! Well, those things are tasty! Personal fav' = "Men's Pocky", hehe!
  4. Thank you, Law! Do keep posting as you find more.
  5. YUM! What flavour? Please pass me some.
  6. Okay, but before that I will drag them to my yoga class. Yoga + red wine + delicious cheese = Good times! And, pre-med relaxation! Haha!
  7. Love this! Always it appears at around 2 am.
  8. Not sure what your schedule is like, but could you take an English course? If you don't want to take one at university for the chance it could harm your GPA, you may want to consider taking a course at a community college. While not everyone may agree, the evaluations of your writing you receive when taking an actual English course outweigh trying to learn it on your own. Hope that helps!
  9. True, but f_d is often the subject of such ignorance. It's very unnecessary. Indeed, we do see some stress peaks on this forum. Maybe more pre-meds need to learn how to relax, hehe!
  10. Cream - White Room http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGZeqwdWoeo (Pretty cool. Last night at work, someone was playing this. It got stuck in my head. ).
  11. Request = Serious supply of instrumental music (jazz, electronica, classical, etc.) needed. Over these next two terms, I have to be a writing-machine. I figure y'all will be able to give me some variety to the stuff I've already got in my own collection.
  12. Today, I learned my first Miley Cyrus song. Thank you dear roommate for singing it to me this morning. Miley Cyrus - Party in the U.S.A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU_hcg7K_dk&feature=PlayList&p=28344E2838273E9E&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=15
  13. Amusing thread, hehe! I did not realize the secondary career ambitions of so many members of this forum included becoming the next Shakespeare. p.s. This thread has inspired me to insert 'hola at chu' as the subject line of the emails I'll be sending in the next twenty-four hours.
  14. PM sent! Hopefully, there will be room in BIOL 361. I didn't 'pre-enrol' in it; but, they've told me to take it b/c I'm doing a 499. I took BIOL 250, but it was the next year when Professor Hall was no longer teaching it. I loved that course! Now, it's divided into two courses, which would've been even cooler.
  15. What I had for dinner reminded me of this, which reminded me of Joch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QNGPmuqa6s (Video is a bit long, beware!)
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