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  1. @helicase On behalf of the rest of us still on the WL, thanks for letting us know!!
  2. I'm beginning to get the feeling that Friday wasn't just the second wave...... Has anyone received an offer (or know of someone who has received an offer) off the waitlist that was not on Friday June 15th, or on May 23-25?
  3. I really don’t think the Facebook group is a good proxy for the actual class. I still think there are a fair number of spots left to go judging by previous years. I think that we may even see more WL movement this year because Ottawa is releasing WL offers relatively late compared to other schools (so people on ottawa’s WL will be picked up by other schools). Additionally, lower GPA’s were interviewed this year so I’m thinking they might be able to pick up lower GPA’s than previous years in the second bracket of the good WL. Im not saying chances are great, but I’m still saying there is hope.
  4. Or maybe they’re gonna send out an unusually high amount of offers tomorrow
  5. No one even knows the last wGPA that was invited... the last person who posted said they had a cGPA of 3.97..... their wGPA could literally be anything
  6. Support or refute: Some people probably made a decision on the last day (today) before the WL started moving, thus only the spots from people who officially declined the offer were given to the ppl on the WL. Therefore, some spots from those who made their decision today are still left to be offered.
  7. Has anyone gotten in from previous years with their status remaining as “waitlisted”? I mean I know we’ll find out tomorrow if it correlates with acceptances or not but I’m just curious.
  8. Does anyone know if they divide the good and bad waitlists by interview score, or is it by ranking? For example is it everyone who got an interview score of 3.5 and 3.0 are given good WL, and less than 3.0 are given bad WL? Or is it something like Applicants ranked 117-300 are good WL and 301-475 bad WL? Just curious.
  9. It would make sense if we separated between english and french streams, since from what I know, movement in the french stream has no bearing on the english stream and vice-versa. Also, add a vote for bad waitlists too so that we can get a sense of how large the two waitlists are relative to each other
  10. @Snowden Yeah, that's what I've noticed. I think all of the English good WL's were sent out at the same time, same thing with all English bad WL's, and presumably French Bad/Good WL's.
  11. Did anyone from the English stream get a good waitlist email at a time other than 7:45 AM?
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