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  1. A question for non-trad applicants: For employments that occurred a very long time ago for which there is no one who can verify the employment, we have been told to leave it 'blank' but UCAN will not allow nothing to be entered. I have entered myself as a verifier here so that there is something, did anyone else have a different strategy?
  2. I'm sorry to hear that I was going to say my reference submitted yesterday and it was ok, I wonder if there is just a technical error that you could troubleshoot with your referee?
  3. Hello all, I just wanted to check in to see if people have seen their transcript status updated? I requested mine at the end of July and still no updates, wondering if it's taking this long for everyone else too!
  4. Thanks so much for answering! I am definitely strongly considering the 2nd degree. My GPA history is a bit strange since I technically was in school for 7 years (3 years of traditional science undergrad, then went into a professional program) For reference, my undergrad years had a strong upward trend, but the grades during my professional degree are far less impressive (in the B+ range). I have a 3.3 and 3.9 for my final two years respectively. Yes, in general I enjoy being involved in my community but to your point, definitely trying to step it up at the moment. 2 rejections later, I've definitely come to the realization that this is going to be a long emotional ride, but I'm ready to put in the work. If you are comfortable sharing, what did you pursue for your 2nd undergrad?
  5. Hi Everyone, Sort of a non-trad applicant here, hoping to get some guidance from all you awesome people! Stats: MCAT = 511 GPA = 3.5 EC: tutor ESL, leadership position of a student group for several years (when i was a student), volunteered with marginalized youth, volunteer with global health related student group, position on the board of a women's leadership organization, lots of travel, some research experience (no publications so I am not sure how relevant this experience is at this point), a few awards from my time as a student, lots of valuable personal experiences Other relevant information: I am an allied health professional which is great since it gives me a lot of relevant work experience, however given the competitive nature of the program, my GPA definitely took a hit (I also didn't realize that I wanted to pursue medicine until a bit later)! I have applied twice at this point with no interview invites and I'm feeling like I'll have to improve my GPA to have a real shot. I am currently debating going back to school for a 2nd undergrad or a master's program! I feel like a 2nd undergrad would directly help out my GPA but I also feel like a master's program is a great opportunity for me to delve deeper into something I am already passionate about. Although this topic has already been addressed in this forum, I am hoping to get some solid advice pertaining to my specific situation! Cheers
  6. Hi all, Just in the midst of finishing up my Top 10 and was wondering who people would suggest in terms of proofreading the material. A friend/family member who knows you well? a medical student/professional? someone not in the medical field at all? Just trying to figure out who would be most useful/insightful given the nature of this section. For anyone who was successfully admitted, did you have anyone take a look at your application prior to submission? Kind of a weird question but thanks in advance
  7. Does anybody know how to properly input half credits into ucan? For example how would you enter 2.5 credits properly? Cheers!
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