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  1. So just to clarify, it sounds like we get some element of choice about where we are placed? That sounds great! SoBi looks like a very interesting system, I'm looking forward to trying that too.
  2. Thanks! Is there some listing of all of the possible sites we could end up at?
  3. Is it possible to bike to the hospitals? During clerkship for the Hamilton campus, are the rotations still primarily in Hamilton or all over the surrounding area?
  4. Does the LOC depend on the advisor you get? I spoke to someone at Scotia who said that the offer is at prime interest rate, but I thought it was prime minus 0.25 and she said there are no changes that will be made soon/275 is absolute max Wondering if it's something about my record though I don't have bad credit, I think?
  5. Haha, you're certainly right about consulting, they'd probably still be interested after medicine, and put me in more interesting areas too. The investment into tuition fees still has me on edge. Fortunately I was accepted to McMaster which should make the debt load somewhat lighter. However, my MCAT is valid for another 3 years yet and I certainly feel that transitioning to med after the workforce would be an easier and less expensive feat - perhaps mistakenly. In school, I dreaded studying physiology with some preference for some parts that weren't awful and some absolute snoozes. When I said biology, I perhaps ought to have used the word physiology instead.
  6. Does that make sense? I feel like medicine is much more than biology and I'm interested in the humanistic element and willing to learn the necessary skills to be a good physician but I dread studying biology. I am not a traditional science major and feel reluctant to accept for fear of realizing I can't handle or don't have a taste for the material. I am also uncertain about whether to accept the offer to med school due to uncertainty with residency and whether that situation will be improved before we graduate and uncertainty about medical school. I have a consulting job lined up and I am truly interested in both opportunities and just dont know how to decide. any advice from non science students or blogs from medical students that you have found helpful or informative in your journeys?
  7. Did you just RSVP and they got in touch? I'm a little concerned about this and haven't heard back about if they will accommodate it yet.
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