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  1. Oh sorry, what I actually meant was not listening to lecture at all. Is there anyone who studies the slides, doesn’t go to lecture, and doesn’t listen to lecture after? It seems like a waste of time to listen.
  2. Does anyone choose to not attend lecture, but also not listen to the lecture audio online, instead opting to self-study the material?
  3. I was looking for feedback months ago, and I received genuine and helpful suggestions from both sides of the issue at that time. I considered them all thoughtfully, including your own contributions, so I am not sure why you are suggesting I might be better off receiving coddling from my parents. You said you didn't mean to be rude, but that is actually quite rude. Your recent response to my question also came after I had already provided evidence that perhaps admissions at certain schools are moving in a less stigmatizing direction. So you can imagine how I might have questioned your intention in writing that post, whether it was really to provide meaningful feedback, or whether it was to further your own personal agenda. It really came across like you were trying to squash out any possibility of this happening again in the future. In fact, "close to 0% likely". My entire point was that I wouldn't recommend everyone do this, that I would be careful about which information is provided to which school, and to really make sure any disclosure has a purpose. Yet, you still felt the need to chime in with your oppressive attitude, saying "no, that's almost never going to work, and that's not why you got into medical school". That's clearly not what I was suggesting, and I am no longer sure how better to explain myself. To any future applicants reading this thread, please don't be discouraged by goleafsgochris. As I've reiterated multiple times by now, be careful and disclose only with a purpose if you are willing to take the risk. Do so only to schools willing to listen to stories of adversity. That is all I have left to say on this issue. I will not be checking this thread again.
  4. Talking openly about mental illness in the application cycle is certainly not a golden ticket to admissions and I have not suggested that it is. I am not sure where in my posts I implied that I got in because of my disclosure. I also was very clear that I disclosed at only at one school out of three, because this particular school encouraged us to talk about overcoming adversity in our application. I assumed, as a result, that those reviewing files would be expecting more personal stories. Ultimately, my decision to share was calculated. It explained some things on my transcript that otherwise looked bad, which was absolutely helpful to me (contrary to your suggestion). I reiterate: this is not the reason I got into medical school. I got in because I have a strong application overall. However, it did help the weakest link in my application for that particular school. If anyone else on this forum is reading and feels they might have a good reason to share, and that the school might be receptive to their sharing, that might be something to consider. Just be careful of how you present yourself. To be honest, I think your attitude here is a good example of stigma in our profession and I think you should take some time to consider whether it may just be you who is discriminatory. The mere concept of trying to put a 20-25% number on whether someone will be "screwed over" by disclosing adversity (in an application explicitly encouraging them to do so) is offensive.
  5. This is amazing. Congrats! It makes me happy to hear individual stories where stigma has not impacted one's ability to become accepted to medical school.
  6. For record's sake, I did get into U of C, as well as U of T and McMaster (although I did not disclose having ADHD to those schools, only Calgary). I have decided to accept my offer to U of T. My panel interviewers at U of C actually asked me about having ADHD and we talked about it at length. To be offered that interview, four people independently reviewed my application and obviously, no red flags were raised. This would have included a community member, an allied health professional, a professor/physician, and a medical resident. Overall, then, six people were okay with my sharing this. For anyone reading this, I would recommend being careful when disclosing ADHD; do not indiscriminately reveal a mental illness. For me, it was a calculated move to show growth and only included in my application because Calgary specifically asked us to write about overcoming adversity. That might be something to think about if you are considering sharing a struggle with ADHD or another mental illness - tailor your disclosure to each school and be careful in how you word things.
  7. Did you apply and interview just the one time? Wondering at this point if that makes a difference - if they have already contacted someone's verifiers in a previous year, perhaps they would not in subsequent years. If you only applied once, that would ease some anxiety on this end!
  8. Anyone hear yet? I am wondering if they are taking a different strategy this year and only calling verifiers of those who will be getting a waitlisted or offered admission. Which makes me super nervous still having heard nothing from any of my verifiers.
  9. I'm really surprised they haven't started that yet. There must be so many people to call, I figured they would be doing that as soon as interviews were over.
  10. Now I'm wondering if the majority of people had an easier time with the panel interviews... As we were leaving the MMI circuit, I said to someone in my group that I found the MMI to be much harder than the panel and this person replied with "oh did you?" LOL. Oh. Thanks. I was hoping for reassurance or a "yeah that was challenging".
  11. Without going into detail or revealing anything about this weekend's interviews, did anyone have a preference for the panel interviews vs the MMI portion? I felt stronger in the panel interviews and am entirely unsure of how I did on the MMI portion. I am wondering if anyone felt the same way, or conversely if there are others who felt the MMI was easier and more enjoyable for them?
  12. That is so fantastic! Congratulations
  13. Just wanted to update this thread that I got an interview invite from U of C. Evidently sharing this experience did not go against me
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