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  1. Guelph grad here. Got multiple interviews and am going to MacMed next year having just finished 4th year. A lot of my friends that were premed got into schools across Ontario too (I would say 50% or greater). Had a great time during undergrad. Very, very little regrets. Also, in terms of premed education I actually think guelph is hands down BETTER than all the rest. All my friends did well on the MCAT especially the Bio/Biochem section (90+%ile). I myself scored in the top 0.01% overall on the MCAT and I credit a lot of that to my education at Guelph. In terms of finding top ECs, that's always gonna be easier in bigger cities but it's not like you can't do that in the summer. Regardless, you don't NEED to do those kind of ECs you just need to do something. And guelph gives you everything, there's just less research internships but there's also way less competition I'm guessing (I've only done research in Guelph). Good luck! And like others said BUNN prestige lol, it will get you nowhere (at least at this stage of your career).
  2. Is there any chance of getting off the bad waitlist by June 10th? I was fortunate enough to get into McMaster off their waitlist on Tuesday and I'm pretty set on accepting that offer but I wanted to ease my conscious a bit by convincing myself I had no choice anyway lol (because there's no chance I'll get off the Western waitlist in time, if it all) I was leaning just a bit towards McMaster before May 14th (60/40) anyway so I most likely would still choose Mac. Someone please just tell me there's no way I can get into Western off the bad waitlist by June 10th so I can just accept and appreciate the offer I have and be at ease lol. (also just a read a bit up the thread and learned that the lower on the waitlist you are the more likely you are to end up at the Windsor campus? That's different from Mac and would solidify my decision further)
  3. Why so against undergrad? I was rejected post interview last year after my 3rd year and while it wasn't the best feeling, I was happy that I got another year to spend time with friends (and make new ones) and grow as a person before med school; the toughest part was just the fact that I could never be certain that I'd get in the next year (but I'm glad that's over). Unless you're older then it's more understandable. But try to keep perspective on things. How many people didn't even get interviews, people that already did 4 years or have applied multiple cycles. Make the best use of your 4th year of undergrad while also trying to put yourself into a position where you get accepted next year. Of course, you could still get accepted this year too!
  4. It's the same email address that sent the email the day before our interview: edgew@mcmaster.ca Dude, every email killed me, especially because I've been subscribed to this forum so I'm consistently getting emails. The nice thing is that when I got the actual email I didn't freak out lol because I guess I conditioned myself to relax in response to email notifications haha. Also, I was in public so I had to act normal. Good luck
  5. haha Crazy how we both got in at the same time too. Hope to meet @yehehey and you mr. @swoman soon (Btw are you formerly "farenheit-menagerie" here and on **DELETED**? look up those terms, they're code. You'll get it if you're him )
  6. Ya. Straight up didn't believe it was real. (for a bit I even thought maybe a friend could be playing a cruel joke on me lol). I still am a bit skeptical it's real, I won't believe it until I get the full acceptance
  7. Result: Accepted off Waitlist (Hamilton) Timestamp: May 28 6:19pm (EST) cGPA: 3.99 CARS: 131 Interview: Idk at this point. I felt pretty good but despite doing a lot of practise (and getting feedback from a variety of people that thought I had become a solid interviewee) I guess it just didn't work out for me on the day, although I felt good about it (and other interviews where I wasn't accepted). I didn't feel I did poorly on any station, I also didn't think I nailed any, except maybe the communication stations where I finished the puzzle as the listener and almost finished it as the instructor (Obviously they're not marking based on that but they said they've never seen anyone finish it before and they seemed pretty impressed; I would think it would at least help lol). I'm coming to terms with the fact that maybe I just don't give a great first impression (although I worked on that too!), but when people get to know me they start to see me more favourably. Maybe it's my face lol. Whatever the case, I'm glad I finally got in Year: 4th year UG Geography: OOP
  8. Got in off the waitlist today (as in Tuesday, at 6:19pm EST). It's definitely been tough but I am relieved it's finally over. I know how tough it is guys. Stay patient. Even if things don't work out and you don't get in (I've been there before) continue to be productive; life is long and there is so much more to be thankful for. Some people dream of just getting to live in a place like Canada and we take that, and so many more things, for granted. I hope I get to have such kind-hearted people as my colleagues one day
  9. Anyone want to make any guesses as to what the chances are for us right now? As in, what proportion of people on the waitlist are usually accepted?
  10. Time Stamp: Same time as everyone else really Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 4.0 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 131/131/132/132 (526) ABS Score (If available): Nothing special, but I guess I tick all boxes to some degree. For perspective, I got an interview from UofT last year (nothing yet this year, but fingers crossed), but no interviews from queens and Ottawa this year or last. My writing is style is very casual, genuine, and authentic which I think helped for this interview and UofT's last year. I have a lot of thoughts on the fairness of the system here, but I nothing I say here will change anything anyway. At this point, I'm just happy to have gotten interviews and hoping to get in, and become a physician. That's all I really want in the end. Once I get to a position where I can actually effect change on the current system then I'll do something positive hopefully. But I recognize it's a lot easier to criticize than it is to actually improve a system. Looking forward to my interview
  11. Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteGPA or AGPA: Haven't calculated, but somewhere in the low 90sMCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 526 (131 CARS)Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): 4th year UGGeography (IP/OOP): OOP Gonna be a nice (first) trip to Saskatchewan. Looking forward to seeing the campus and meeting other students and applicants
  12. Time Stamp: When everyone else got it lol Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.99 CARS: 131 Casper: I got rejected last year with ever so slightly better stats, so thankfully my CASPER improved. However, I got rejected from Manitoba which weights CASPer similarly to mac (50% overall MCAT score, 20% GPA, 30% CASPer) and with my high GPA and 526 MCAT I obviously assumed that my CASPer was trash again this year. I was an incredibly slow typer last year (I never really used a laptop like most students). This year I improved my typing by a bit for CASPer (and a lot more in the months since I've been playing a lot of typing games lol, wish I did all this earlier). Even now, it's funny seeing other posters saying they "only get 4-5 sentences per answer" - that's barely less than how much I had cumulative for 3 answers last year loool. This year, I still only get 3 maybe 4 sentences per answer on average, but luckily my stats carried me. I still believe CASPer is... (don't want to say anything that somehow pisses off mac)... but nothing I say here will prove anything or change anything so I'll leave it as it is. Looking forward to the interview Geography: IP
  13. It opened. Only March 2nd dates were available for me. Oh well, good luck to everyone
  14. Just so people who subscribed to this thread can see this update.
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