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  1. yohohoy

    Applying tonight

    Wow, that’s good to know, thanks for letting us know because I don’t think my email said that. I just finally got it this night(I applied 3 days ago on thurs Oct 31) Also, I’m curious about the workbooks... I assume the same rule applies to them because they are incomplete without the McGill ID?
  2. Nope, but my buddy who submitted at the same time last night got his ID about an hour ago. Seems like the system is inconsistent.
  3. Ah my mistake. I would guess that means you should wait until you get your id before submitting it.
  4. Hey everyone, I called McGill today and the lady told me that as long as you submitted before the deadline tonight it's ok if you get your McGill ID after the deadline and can only upload your supporting documents on Minerva then. Just remember that the workbook is meant to be emailed so do that by tonight. Otherwise just have your other documents ready for when you get access to Minerva. At least, this is my understanding based on what the lady on the phone said
  5. yohohoy

    Applying tonight

    Thank you for the quick reply According to this page (https://mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/submitting) you must submit before 9pm on deadline day so that you get your McGill ID number in time. Which is exactly what you said. Hopefully, everything goes well tomorrow without any hiccups. Thanks again
  6. No, but I'm applying tonight and want to make sure I actually get to apply. According to this page (https://mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/submitting) you must submit before 9pm on deadline day so that you get you McGill ID number in time. Hopefully you hear back soon. Keep us updated
  7. yohohoy

    Applying tonight

    I don't want to submit and pay money if I won't even be able to apply. It seems unfair for them to say the deadline is Nov 1 when there is this kink in their system that makes the functional deadline earlier.
  8. yohohoy

    Applying tonight

    I understand that after you submit you have to wait for them to send you credentials for your minerva account? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the process. I am submitting my application tonight; does this mean that I won't have time to apply because it takes them a while to get back? I appreciate any quick response. Thanks
  9. Thank you very much, I actually recall reading that in the past and even telling my friend that, I just forgot for some reason. Appreciate it
  10. Thanks, I'll be sure to do that for my UofT essays (some of which are reused from last year) but I'm still wondering whether Western will be running them through turnitin.
  11. Would this be looked down, or more importantly, do they run it through turnitin and it'll look like cheating? Since we're using some of the same activities it's only natural that our descriptions of those activities will be similar. Obviously the overall essay is different because they have a different focus, but still. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows more about this issue
  12. I went to the physical OUAC office at 4:30. Phones going off like craaaazy. The secretaries were nice but they just referred me to the News page which says the deadline may be extended. I think there's no way they don't extend, it stopped working at like 3 not 4:25. A lot of people, myself included, already had their applications finished way earlier but left it open in case they want to change something, and then submit an hour before to be safe.
  13. yohohoy

    Curriculum description

    You'll have lots of time to mingle with 1st year UofT med students on the day of your interview, they're very friendly