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  1. yohohoy

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Anyone want to make any guesses as to what the chances are for us right now? As in, what proportion of people on the waitlist are usually accepted?
  2. Time Stamp: Same time as everyone else really Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 4.0 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 131/131/132/132 (526) ABS Score (If available): Nothing special, but I guess I tick all boxes to some degree. For perspective, I got an interview from UofT last year (nothing yet this year, but fingers crossed), but no interviews from queens and Ottawa this year or last. My writing is style is very casual, genuine, and authentic which I think helped for this interview and UofT's last year. I have a lot of thoughts on the fairness of the system here, but I nothing I say here will change anything anyway. At this point, I'm just happy to have gotten interviews and hoping to get in, and become a physician. That's all I really want in the end. Once I get to a position where I can actually effect change on the current system then I'll do something positive hopefully. But I recognize it's a lot easier to criticize than it is to actually improve a system. Looking forward to my interview
  3. Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteGPA or AGPA: Haven't calculated, but somewhere in the low 90sMCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 526 (131 CARS)Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): 4th year UGGeography (IP/OOP): OOP Gonna be a nice (first) trip to Saskatchewan. Looking forward to seeing the campus and meeting other students and applicants
  4. Time Stamp: When everyone else got it lol Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.99 CARS: 131 Casper: I got rejected last year with ever so slightly better stats, so thankfully my CASPER improved. However, I got rejected from Manitoba which weights CASPer similarly to mac (50% overall MCAT score, 20% GPA, 30% CASPer) and with my high GPA and 526 MCAT I obviously assumed that my CASPer was trash again this year. I was an incredibly slow typer last year (I never really used a laptop like most students). This year I improved my typing by a bit for CASPer (and a lot more in the months since I've been playing a lot of typing games lol, wish I did all this earlier). Even now, it's funny seeing other posters saying they "only get 4-5 sentences per answer" - that's barely less than how much I had cumulative for 3 answers last year loool. This year, I still only get 3 maybe 4 sentences per answer on average, but luckily my stats carried me. I still believe CASPer is... (don't want to say anything that somehow pisses off mac)... but nothing I say here will prove anything or change anything so I'll leave it as it is. Looking forward to the interview Geography: IP
  5. It opened. Only March 2nd dates were available for me. Oh well, good luck to everyone
  6. yohohoy

    Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Just so people who subscribed to this thread can see this update.
  7. No, I still have to register
  8. kinda lol, still can't register. But the page is up, so there's progress
  9. lol what a mess, I believe you're supposed to go the same website we originally went to (that's the first link they have, the other link gives you a 404 lol). But there's nothing new on the page so I'm guessing whoever is responsible for activating the system hasn't got around to it yet, or they're having some other troubles or something lol. I also picked later date btw
  10. yohohoy

    Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Just the regular generic message. I’ll copy/paste below: Your application this year was unsuccessful for the following reason: Due to the competitive nature of the applicant pool this year, your application was not competitive enough to grant you further consideration
  11. yohohoy

    Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Reject OOP 4.47 526 Non-rural First time applying to Manitoba. Obviously bombed CASPer. Looks like this year is gonna be a repeat of last year. Does not bode well at all for Mac and Ottawa. It is what it is I guess. The sad thing is my typing speed has gone up by 20wpm since I wrote CASPer. I'm a perfectly ethical, normal guy. I just type slow. That test is just unfair IMO. It is what it is. EDIT: I wanted to edit this for future reference. I actually ended up getting an interview at McMaster (Stats: 3.99, 131). So it seems my CASPer was moderately adequate although I recognize that with my high stats, my CASPer doesn't have to be outstanding for Mac, but one would think the same would apply to Manitoba. It seems that Manitoba just became far more competitive than in previous years, probably because the introduction of CASPer made a lot more people apply. More money for them I guess lol. Or perhaps I was very borderline for both Manitoba and Mac, in that I narrowly missed getting an interview at manitoba and just barely got an interview at mac. Who knows loool
  12. yohohoy

    Applying tonight

    Wow, that’s good to know, thanks for letting us know because I don’t think my email said that. I just finally got it this night(I applied 3 days ago on thurs Oct 31) Also, I’m curious about the workbooks... I assume the same rule applies to them because they are incomplete without the McGill ID?
  13. Nope, but my buddy who submitted at the same time last night got his ID about an hour ago. Seems like the system is inconsistent.
  14. Ah my mistake. I would guess that means you should wait until you get your id before submitting it.