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    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    Where are the pictures?
  2. Hey guys, Does anyone know of any scholarships available to students entering their first year of med school at the UofA? I wasn't able to find anything when I searched through Beartracks, but I'm wondering if that's just an issue with timing and maybe some haven't opened up yet? I've also read a few threads where people received scholarships for med from the UofA already and was wondering how that works. Are they automatic or is there an application process?
  3. If you attend the UofA, they receive that automatically. I believe it's just a statement on your transcript, but I'd double check with them to make sure.
  4. Hey guys, I'll be starting med school at the UofA in the fall and I have a few questions. I wanted to get an idea of how classes are structured. How would you recommend organizing notes? Would you recommend getting an iPad/tablet? Is it sufficient to just take typed notes on pdfs or are there a lot of structures and drawings that would require a tablet or written notes? I was also wondering if someone could shed some light on what their first year schedule was like and how much time you had for extracurriculars. I know a sample schedule was shown after the interview, but I was too stressed to remember anything lol. Is there anything you wish you had done the summer before med school to prep yourself? Anything that you wish you'd known going into your first year?
  5. I will be starting med school in the fall at the UofA () and wanted to get an idea of what to expect schedule-wise. Can anyone shed some light? When do you typically start your day? When do you end? How much studying do you do day-to-day? How much time do you tend to have for social activities?
  6. I'm finished my undergrad degree, but I'm taking a fifth year of classes. Do you know what the average would be? The 3.3 minimum or similar to my GPA when applying?
  7. My offer says that it’s conditional. Is this the case for everyone else as well? I’m not sure what this means and whether I can be relieved yet or not lol
  8. wannabeemd

    Interview Invites

    Maybe people who interviewed last year have had the tab since their last application? I’m in the same boat as you, so hoping really hard that not having the tab isn’t indicative of anything lol