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    Line of credit

    I’d highly recommend Jason weston and mike green with scotibank (churchill square). I have access to my funds within a week of meeting with them and they only require the acceptance letter! 275k, prime -.25%, 2 year grace period on payments after graduation that can be extended, and you get the scotibank gold american express card and visa infinite!
  2. Refreshments

    Line of credit

    Any information/suggestions on how to go about getting a professional line of credit once accepted, which banks are best, and when you are able to get it?
  3. Best of luck to everyone out there tomorrow!
  4. Anyone hear of them contacting contact people for work/extracurriculars? They haven't contacted mine as far as I know
  5. How are students notified? As a Newfoundland resident going to school out of province.
  6. Refreshments

    Interview Invites 2017/2018 cycle

    Got my email 4:12 NL time. IP applicant! Stats: 3.6 GPA, 510 MCAT