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  1. False. Before med, I was in PT school. I knew I would be doing rehabilitation techniques. Now that I'm in med, I have NO IDEA what the future holds. Am I going to be in the operating room? In a private clinic? In a lab/dark room? Am I going to be cutting? Pumping drugs? Doing physical exams? Doing CBT? Who knows.... The future is not in my control, it's in the hands of CARMS. Hell, I don't even know if I'll end up a doctor. Seems like going unmatched is pretty frequent.
  2. My 4.0 GPA was converted into an R score by the french medical schools. You should do more research on this on the forums before applying, it's quite important. A 4.0 in biology would yield a much lower r score.
  3. Go to McGill (seems counter-intuitive right? But trust me, the 85%-> 4.0/4.0 is a HUGE advantage, it gives you a lot of wiggle room). You'll get a better GPA and better opportunities for research and such. Bambi's advice is a bit outdated tbh. I went to McGill Physiotherapy, did 1 year (PT gave me a ~40 r score), and got into sherbrooke medicine in 2017.
  4. If Sherbrooke ranks you first, is it meaningless if the other schools rank you unfavourably? Seriously Carms is the most confusing and stressful system I have ever seen. It's crazy how school's tell us not to worry about residency until we're in clerkships..
  5. Haha ok, so it was sarcastic I guess being limited by 1 elective is technically a good thing for someone who wants to explore different specialties, instead of gunning for 1 competitive specialty and putting all the electives into that.
  6. Wow I knew this was a thing for family medicine, but I didn't think it was also a think for dermatology... In this case, how would you express your interest for a specific school? And what happens if you bomb that interview6
  7. Please update us on what happens to them! My interests are similar.
  8. Sorry if this is stupid, but how does that change anything? And how does it make the choice simpler?
  9. Do they really let us do an MBA? I never heard of Sherbrooke talking about an MD-MBA
  10. hm. I think that it will be long before people trust machines to do procedures. However, I think AI can and will soon be implemented for more "diagnostic" tasks. For example, Stanford's melanoma detecting algorithm. It can easily be implemented into an iPhone app the % risk of a lesion being malignant, and then hospital appointment triaging can be based on that. This way, you're not replacing any doctors, and so there should be less resistance from them.
  11. Canada's investing heavily into AI... Why not?
  12. Will this make a difference tho? At the end of the day, it comes to government funding right? We have no power of influence in this. I would love for someone to prove me wrong.
  13. damn where can i learn more about quebec
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