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  1. chickenpoutine

    Tutor for CARS in Toronto

    Hey! I scored 132 on my first CARS test, I can help you if you want (no need to pay me)
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew when/if reference letters are taken into account for mac. Also, I've heard a few people talk about mac dropping your lowest and best stations- has anyone asked the adcom about this? Thanks!
  3. chickenpoutine

    Interview Prep Timeline

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has made an agenda/plan for prepping for an interview with specific tasks to aim for each week- I was planning on doing this for Mac (since it's more than a month away), but it would be great to see how others are prepping as well!
  4. chickenpoutine

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    I just called, the voicemail message said "5:30pm and onwards"
  5. chickenpoutine

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Time stamp: 2:21pm Invite/Reject: Invite (MD) GPA: 3.91 CARS: 132 Casper: Felt okay about it!
  6. Would it be possible for someone to pm me so I can get some feedback on where to improve for my NAQ? I really felt like I did everything I could but I guess being a 3rd year could have put me at a disadvantage compared to people with more years of experience/more hours in general.
  7. TIME STAMP: 8:11pm EST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): N/A GPA=91.05 MCAT: 522 (129/132/129/132) ECs: founded/current president of 2 big clubs on campus, volunteered at same organization for 3 years (500 hrs), dr shadowing (200 hrs), 3 papers completed 1 sent for publication, tutoring, ran an undergraduate student journal (100 hrs, some other stuff Current Degree: 3rd year BSc Geography: OOP NAQ: 18.01 AQ: 32.37 TFR: 50.38 Really wasn't expecting NAQ to be that low. Not sure what went wrong. Best of luck to those still waiting
  8. For those if you who are reapplying, how did you bounce back/deal with a rejection last year? Kinda worried I'll handle it badly esp in the middle of exam season
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any stats on acceptances out of 3rd year? I looked around on previous admission stats but couldn't find any specifics. Thanks!
  10. chickenpoutine

    CASPer practice group

    Interested too!