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  1. Hey All, I'm having some difficulty inputting my second undergraduate degree in my OMSAS academic background. I started a second undergrad degree this Sept as a third year student in a 4-year honours program. Technically speaking, the end date of my 4-year honours program is on 2022-04. However, I haven't decided yet if I will complete the fourth year yet (I'm just doing this to boost my GPA) cause I may decide to graduate with a 3-year BSc non-honours instead, which should not be a problem. I am just wondering how other applicants with a second undergrad degree and/or third year applicants from a 4-year honours program filled out this section? Thanks! Below are the sections confusing me: Start Date: pretty straight forward, 2020-09 End Date: does not let me input a date past 2021 so I couldn't put the end date if I were to complete 4 years (2022-04) so I put down the date as if I were to complete 3 years only (2021-04) Type of degree***: 3 year or 4 year?? I want to put 4-year since this is technically what shows up on my transcript (Honours Biology) but I am afraid that this would be confusing in terms of my start/end dates? Any suggestions? Degree (Confer) Date Expected: 2021-06 or 2022-06? Like above, I am unsure whether to include this date as if I would be completing the 4-year honours degree or if I end up transferring to a 3-year BSc non-honours version?
  2. Hey, doing a second undergrad would mean graduating from your first degree and starting a second one in a different program. Sometimes, you can transfer some credits and may be able to complete the second degree in 2-3 years. If you are only interested in applying to the Ottawa French stream, it would likely be easier for you to delay your graduation by an additional year if you can get a minimum GPA of 3.8 in both your 4th and 5th year. As far as I remember from 2018 when I applied to this stream, the cut off for in-province applicants was 3.7 (average from your last 3 undergrad years that are being completed toward a degree... So any additional mature student years completed after graduation and not toward a degree won't be counted. Also the years can be across two undergrad degrees so for example 4th year of your current degree + first two years of a second undergrad - I e-mailed them asking this earlier this year...but take it with a grain of salt, I'd suggest e-mailing your questions to get the most up to date info since things keep changing). I am not sure if this differs for out of province applicants. Keep an eye out for prereqs as well. However, if you think you may want to apply to additional medical schools in Ontario or throughout Canada, I'd recommend a second undergrad with as close to 4.0 in each year as possible. Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Message me too if you'd like to connect! I'm almost 27 and about to start a second undergrad this Sept! I have done some research on this topic before enrolling and would love to share, but ultimately a second undergrad in Science is up to the discretion of your home university/university you're applying to based on the courses you've already completed. The programs have to be different (e.g. Bio vs Life Science vs Environmental Science, etc.). Good luck!!
  4. Hi All, I had a question about the Paid Employment/Work Training Experience section. The form says within this section we can list experience gained as part of an education program (practicums, internships, etc.). I was struggling to think of a seventh entry, and I was wondering what people thought on this: I had to take a full-year course during my graduate research program. I took a regenerative medicine course since my project was related to basic science stem cell research. In this course, we had to perform an oral presentation/talk as part of our final exam during a regenerative medicine symposium (the symposium was open to all researchers and members of the department and public, but all students enrolled in the course had to perform oral talks). Do you think this course+oral talk can be listed in this section? I already have one entry for my graduate studies/funded lab experience in general, and in the awards/achievements/research section I list other oral talks and awards I have obtained (although I didn't list this particular presentation that was associated with the course, only international and external presentations). I don't want it to seem redundant but as an OOP applicant, I am quite nervous not filling up every section to the max. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  5. I accidentally missed that instruction and listed my courses/grades in chronological order instead lol (4th year --> 5th year --> MSc). Do you think this would be a big deal worth emailing adcom for...? I feel they would just check the official transcripts anyway?
  6. Haha wow that's so different! I think either way should be fine. I e-mailed admissions and they said both senior undergrad years could be filled out as 4th and 3rd year. Best of luck!
  7. Oh, when I look at the drop down menu on the transcript assessment form, there are only "Undergrad Year 3 and 4" that show up. Aside from that, there is only a "Graduate Year" cause I also completed an MSc.
  8. I think so! I am applying and inputting my grades for my fourth and fifth undergraduate years (both taken prior to graduation) on the transcript assessment form. I am inputting my fifth year marks as "undergrad year 4" and my fourth year marks as "undergrad year 3". Is that what you're doing too?
  9. Hey All, I wonder if someone could shed light as to which ID number they are referring to? Is it the Banner ID or is that new every year? This is my second application for Dal med. Thanks in advance! "If you have previously applied, attended, or worked at Dalhousie, King's, the former TUNS, or the former NSAC, please enter your ID number (if known):"
  10. Thanks! Ya makes more sense. I think I was trying to read too hard on how this wGPA calc. evens the playing field for students that experienced hardships like low SES. Has anyone done a second undergrad or know of someone who has, where they had a very big GPA difference and gotten accepted (very low in first undergrad and very high in the second)?
  11. In my first year of undergrad, I completed 4.5 FCEs, but in every other year I completed 5 FCEs - do I qualify for wGPA? Not automatically. The only way to guarantee qualification for wGPA is a full course load in every year of your undergrad. If you have not taken a full course load, even just in one year, you are able to write an Academic Explanations Essay as part of your OMSAS application requesting special consideration. In some cases, the admissions committee may apply weighting based on the years where you were full course load. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and no decision on how your application is assessed is released to you. ------- Could anyone clarify if I'm understanding the bolded+underlined part correctly? So, say if in 1st year (of a 4 year undergrad), someone had 4 courses in one semester instead of 5. But every single other semester had 5 courses each. Then, if they write the AEE, the admissions committee might only look at GPA from 2nd+3rd+4th year (so 1st year wouldn't be looked at since it's not "full course load") AND drop 2 FCEs from those 3 full course load years being looked at? If I interpreted this correctly, maaaaaaybe this change could be a bit helpful. I am feeling like that would be too good to be true though. Thoughts?
  12. Looool. I have no words. So I guess there's no more hope that they changed their wGPA calculation to make it more like a threshold (like Western's cut offs)?
  13. Literally everything related to applying to med is a waiting game lol. Can't take it!
  14. If anyone who gets to attend could post any interesting comments from this recap, that would be much appreciated!
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