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  1. I am a grad applicant and haven't received anything! UofT MD posted a meme on their instagram story that not all grad students will receive this e-mail and not to panic haha.
  2. Sure, no problem! I'm doing a research-based MSc, and I am currently in my fourth year (should probably have transferred to PhD as I do stem cell work, which can take a long time!). I would recommend doing this route if you have a genuine interest in research or if you want to find out if you would like it as an alternative career. I've read many posts on this forum warning against doing research if you hate it and to some degree, that holds true. The expectations as a grad student are high and the program is very demanding, but if you pursue it for the right reasons, it can be really rewarding and you will develop a lot of skills (not just research related). That being said, I think I am a much stronger applicant today than I was after my 5 years of undergrad. However, one can always keep improving, which is why I maaay do a second undergrad (or at least, take some extra courses on a full-time basis) to strengthen my GPA. I was a Life Science major and my undergrad university agreed that doing a second undergrad in a Biology major there would be alright. You will have to evaluate your situation as it might be more beneficial for you to do a second undergrad in something that would give you an alternative career (physician assistant, nursing, public health inspection, etc). I would only choose Biology as a second undergrad as I would be looking to strengthen my GPA only, since my back up career is working in stem cell field research/industry. If you want to chat more, I am glad to do so, just PM me
  3. Hey, amazing turn around for your GPA, congrats I had a very similar situation and GPA trend as you in undergrad but my MCAT is lower. I personally decided to go the grad school route and hoping for UofT now! I suggest maybe starting with grad school and applying while in your last year. If you still don't receive admission then, I think a second undergrad would be helpful (that's my plan as well). Best of luck!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your story! I went through something similar when I was in the early years of my undergrad around 2011. It takes a lot of perseverance and self-motivation to work your way toward being a successful med school applicant. I am still currently in the applying and re-applying process as a grad student, but I think it's important to pause every now and then and be proud of all the steps you've taken along your journey and reflect on your self-growth. I believe you'll get there with hard work, best of luck
  5. I've looked at the past invite threads but I was hoping to hear if any other past grad student applicants on here were invited to interview with <3.8-4.0 wGPA. In need of some hope!
  6. Does anyone know if rejections are sent out on the same day?
  7. No, OOP and no word, so I guess you have it if you're invited for an interview
  8. Feeling this too! Had family as a Maritime connection, wrote a pretty good essay I think. GPA 3.9 and MCAT 507 (meets the cut offs). Still hoping but not sure if there's a point. Congrats to all invited!
  9. Congrats Just wondering, are you an Ontario applicant?
  10. Hey there. Just wondering if anyone knows if verifiers tend to be contacted before or after interviews are sent out specifically for OOP applicants? I understand that only GPA, MCAT, Casper and OOP Maritime Connection Essay are what admissions looks at to issue the interviews but I am unsure if that includes verifier checks or not. Any insight from previous applicants would be appreciated!
  11. Reading about the new ACCESS pathway and now thinking of applying to Western since it is very applicable and hoping for the "MCAT flexibility". Just curious on thoughts about how this could affect the SWOMEN and Non-SWOMEN MCAT cut-offs? Trying to decide whether the essay writing is worth it with a 124 CARS (all other sections > cut offs).
  12. Do you think there's any chance that any of those SWOMEN cut offs can drop to 124?
  13. Just curious if anyone got interviewed/knows of anyone interviewed last year with a 507 MCAT? Saw some 509s last cycle only. Mine is 129/124/128/126 and I'll likely be applying but without much hope haha. Good luck to everyone this cycle!
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