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  1. Does anyone know if rejections are sent out on the same day?
  2. No, OOP and no word, so I guess you have it if you're invited for an interview
  3. Feeling this too! Had family as a Maritime connection, wrote a pretty good essay I think. GPA 3.9 and MCAT 507 (meets the cut offs). Still hoping but not sure if there's a point. Congrats to all invited!
  4. Congrats Just wondering, are you an Ontario applicant?
  5. Hey there. Just wondering if anyone knows if verifiers tend to be contacted before or after interviews are sent out specifically for OOP applicants? I understand that only GPA, MCAT, Casper and OOP Maritime Connection Essay are what admissions looks at to issue the interviews but I am unsure if that includes verifier checks or not. Any insight from previous applicants would be appreciated!
  6. Reading about the new ACCESS pathway and now thinking of applying to Western since it is very applicable and hoping for the "MCAT flexibility". Just curious on thoughts about how this could affect the SWOMEN and Non-SWOMEN MCAT cut-offs? Trying to decide whether the essay writing is worth it with a 124 CARS (all other sections > cut offs).
  7. Do you think there's any chance that any of those SWOMEN cut offs can drop to 124?
  8. Just curious if anyone got interviewed/knows of anyone interviewed last year with a 507 MCAT? Saw some 509s last cycle only. Mine is 129/124/128/126 and I'll likely be applying but without much hope haha. Good luck to everyone this cycle!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm really confused about this statement and I have some questions, if a previous applicant or med student at Dal could answer this, I'd highly appreciate it! "Only activities completed during your undergraduate and graduate studies and/or within the last 5 years will be used in the assessment of your detailed submission" 1) I am a graduate student that just finished third year MSc and my undergrad was during 2011-2016... so I am unsure if this means I can use my experiences as long as they were done during undergrad/grad school... Or if they must also have been done within 5 years? (e.g. I had a summer volunteer experience in 2013 after my second undergrad year so that's 6 years ago but was very meaningful... Can I use it?) 2) I initially assumed the experiences have to be within 5 years in addition to being during undergrad/grad studies (although as stated above, now I am unsure). If this is so, then 5 years ago would be 2014 so I included experiences from early 2014 (e.g. summer research student May-Aug 2014)... Only to realize they might be more stringent and want experiences from Sept 3rd, 2014 and onwards (5y ago exactly from app deadline)? Could anyone shed light on this at all? Thank you!
  10. Hey, I'm an out of province applicant and I'm wondering how crucial your second point is (a clear statement showing commitment to Maritimes) since I have that already strongly conveyed in my Maritime connection essay? I focused my statement on your other 4 points and really emphasized why I would be a good physician but didn't connect it to Maritimes anymore, especially since my experinces were in another province and country... Any advice is appreciated.
  11. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some feedback on the OOP Maritime Connection Essay? Does anyone know what would be a "strong" connection? I am an OOP applicant from Ontario and I have one close family member that lives in Halifax so I have written about that as that is the only connection I have to the Maritimes. Any tips on how best to structure this essay or any advice/insight in general would be helpful!
  12. May I ask how you figured out the ranges? My MCAT is 507 so I am wondering if it'll be a 7/10 for sure or if it's speculation? Thanks!
  13. Hey! I am a first time non-maritime applicant to Dal. I understand that some of the admission requirements have changed this year (minimum MCAT mark for OOP lowered to 124 per section- which is why I am now able to apply with my CARS being 124). I was wondering if anyone knew/had asked admissions if MCAT marks are assessed competitively or if they are thresholds?
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