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  1. My best advice would be to continue with the program if your health (physical and mental) allows. As previously stated, quitting the program could raise questions during interviews that may give the wrong impression in terms of your commitment to certain things. If you have chosen to go down this path, it is best to try and finish it. I know it may not be the answer you were looking for, thesis based program are not for everyone. They're very draining and you have to have a real passion for what you're doing otherwise, you can burn out easily. I have experienced similar feelings earlier in my research-based MSc thesis, but I decided to pull through it and I have grown a lot as a person (as well as a researcher). In the end, you should do what you feel is best for you and your health. Good luck and don't hesitate to message if you want some further advice!
  2. Happy New Year everybody! I was wondering if anyone who got an interview invite for the MD/PhD stream would be willing to share what their MCAT marks were? Thanks!
  3. Sooo now that CASPER is finished (and miraculously seemed to go ok for someone like me whose French was quite rusty...) would anyone be interested in prepping for a potential French interview in Toronto or online? Also, could previous applicants or current students in the French Stream kindly give suggestions on the best ways to prepare for the interview? Any specific prep companies or resources? I think I will need a lot of prep and help to express myself well during the interview if I am lucky enough to receive one. Merci!
  4. yeescience

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    When I called, they just said the OOP full file review is after the OOP interviews are sent out (they said interviews are based on GPA and MCAT only due to the large number of applicants for such little spots that it wouldn't make sense for them to spend time reviewing so many apps)... so its only done for the individuals that receive an interview. As such, I guess it would make sense that the full file reviews would compliment the interviews to help select candidates for those 6 spots.
  5. yeescience

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    Unfortunately, OOP get full file reviews after the interview. I called them to ask about this and they said they gave interviews based on MCAT (admissions said usually at least 126 per section) and GPA (mostly As, maybe one or two Bs) only. Really sucks cause my stats aren't competitive unless I was IP due to strong ECs/references, great essays, and an MSc. as well but had already paid the fees.
  6. yeescience

    french casper prep

    Moi PLEASE!
  7. Hey! I am in a very similar situation as you and I am also considering moving from Ontario next year to somewhere up North or West to be more competitive for med school. Send me a message if you want to discuss!
  8. yeescience

    Ottawa Change PREREQS?

    I emailed them and they said they would accept 2 general chems with labs + 2 intro biochems with or without labs as long as you have more than a B in all of them.
  9. Hey, my wGPA is 3.8 which meets the French stream cut off of 3.7 for in province students. I am mostly worried that I am rusty for CASPER... for the interview I think I may be ok with practice. But I figured at least worth a try.
  10. I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me brush up on my French in preparation for CASPER and hopefully an interview. I am in-province and hope to apply to the Ottawa French Stream since my wGPA falls just below the 3.85 cut-off for the English stream. My level of comfort with French isn't excellent at the moment but I hope practicing with someone would help me as I once could speak French relatively decent. I am not Francophone but I did take French in high school and first year university, and I also did the Explore summer immersion program in Quebec back then, which had me being able to communicate fairly well. My native language is Spanish so this helps greatly... reading and writing isn't much of a problem for me, mostly need to get my brain thinking in French again (I am now a graduate student so it's been a while since I've done this) and practicing orally would help greatly too. Please send me a PM if you could help me out. We can discuss the cost too as I will pay. I am located downtown Toronto and would prefer in-person help but if you can recommend resources, I'd greatly appreciate it too. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, does anyone know of a good 1-on-1 in person tutor for the CARS section of the MCAT? I've already tried prep companies and self-prep so I would like to try 1-on-1 help in hopes to raise my CARS from the 124 that I keep scoring every year. If anyone can make recommendations, I would really appreciate it!
  12. Hey guys, so after an unsuccessful first cycle for Ontario med schools, I am trying to weigh my options on how to become a better med applicant. Aside from retaking and improving my MCAT, I am considering taking a second undergrad. I was hoping to try out a 2-year program instead of a 4-year undergrad, since I already have a BSc (5 years) and I will be completing my MSc (2 years, research based) some time this summer. So far I have a a decent 2Y GPA for Queens and Western (3.85) but my GPA for Ottawa was low (3.82) and my cGPA for UofT and Mac was pretty shit (not even gonna bother posting it) due to some struggles in my first two undergrad years. My MSc has given me good hands on experience, but not enough to offset the cGPA. I was hoping for some thoughts on second undergrad programs. I was thinking of trying a second entry 2Y nursing program as I think that would be a really cool experience. But I am unsure of what else is out there. Any suggestions or advice appreciated
  13. yeescience

    Queens MD Invites/Regrets 2018

    Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan 31st, 3:07 pm wGPA: 3.85 Year: MSc 2nd year, 5 years UG MCAT: 129/124/128/126, 507 ECs: Pretty good, filled all 48 spots with meaningful stuff Geography: IP Pretty sure its that MCAT score, worth a try, till next year I guess, congrats to all who got an interview!
  14. I've applied to Queen's this admissions cycle and just received my MCAT scores. I was hoping to get some thoughts on possible chances based on past experiences ... honesty or inspiration (lol) appreciated. In province 2nd Year MSc research based 3.85 wGPA ECs: well rounded, some long term and some short term, filled all 48 spots with only meaningful stuff so thats good I think (?) they def show who I am but who knows with med, strong references MCAT: My literal nightmare (as for many people)... I have written it 4x (1 old, 3 new) today: 126/124/127/126 (low due to balancing lab and only 2 months to study) previous: 129/124/128/126 (507 total, my highest score so far) 128/123/127/127 8/8/11 (phys/verbal/bio) Will def be writing again after I finish my MSc and hopefully that will help. Wont give up or anything... but given Queens way of looking at MCAT that is speculated... Im wondering if anyone in a similar situation to me has received an interview? Also does anyone know if Queens look at only your highest MCAT for specific section cut offs... or they look at all the MCATs you've written and take the highest mark for individual sections youve ever gotten from any of the rewrites? Gracias!