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  1. Hey All, I wonder if someone could shed light as to which ID number they are referring to? Is it the Banner ID or is that new every year? This is my second application for Dal med. Thanks in advance! "If you have previously applied, attended, or worked at Dalhousie, King's, the former TUNS, or the former NSAC, please enter your ID number (if known):"
  2. Thanks! Ya makes more sense. I think I was trying to read too hard on how this wGPA calc. evens the playing field for students that experienced hardships like low SES. Has anyone done a second undergrad or know of someone who has, where they had a very big GPA difference and gotten accepted (very low in first undergrad and very high in the second)?
  3. In my first year of undergrad, I completed 4.5 FCEs, but in every other year I completed 5 FCEs - do I qualify for wGPA? Not automatically. The only way to guarantee qualification for wGPA is a full course load in every year of your undergrad. If you have not taken a full course load, even just in one year, you are able to write an Academic Explanations Essay as part of your OMSAS application requesting special consideration. In some cases, the admissions committee may apply weighting based on the years where you were full course load. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and no decision on how your application is assessed is released to you. ------- Could anyone clarify if I'm understanding the bolded+underlined part correctly? So, say if in 1st year (of a 4 year undergrad), someone had 4 courses in one semester instead of 5. But every single other semester had 5 courses each. Then, if they write the AEE, the admissions committee might only look at GPA from 2nd+3rd+4th year (so 1st year wouldn't be looked at since it's not "full course load") AND drop 2 FCEs from those 3 full course load years being looked at? If I interpreted this correctly, maaaaaaybe this change could be a bit helpful. I am feeling like that would be too good to be true though. Thoughts?
  4. Looool. I have no words. So I guess there's no more hope that they changed their wGPA calculation to make it more like a threshold (like Western's cut offs)?
  5. Literally everything related to applying to med is a waiting game lol. Can't take it!
  6. If anyone who gets to attend could post any interesting comments from this recap, that would be much appreciated!
  7. I'm looking at their website but it seems we had to register ahead of time, and the video will be posted later on. I don't understand why they didn't do a Facebook live like the past year
  8. I'm guessing our best bet is to reach out to Ottawa med directly to ask. I have and waiting on an answer. I wouldn't take the risk otherwise. Unfortunately, it is too late to apply to several other second degrees for September.
  9. I am researching that right now. It seems most schools are ok with it but just saw UOttawa doesnt count distance education degrees, even if done on a full-time basis. Quite frustrating. I am unsure if that policy will change though, given the COVID-19 situation. Hopefully.
  10. Would anyone have any info on the difficulty of courses and/or course reviews for the Queen's BHSc online program? Considering this program for a second degree but would like to know if it is possible to do really well. Thanks.
  11. Would you mind sharing some of your ECs? Trying to get an idea if I may have a chance since I have a 507 MCAT too
  12. Hey All, With interview invites and rejections for Ontario med schools going out this month, I feel it's time to make decisions for the next few cycles. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with next steps, and I may not be the only one so I thought I might post here. I am leaning toward either going for a second undergraduate degree or leaving to study abroad. I have read extensively about each option and have tried making a decision, but can't seem to shake off the uneasiness with any options. I hoped to hear some advice or maybe stories from individuals who have had to make such decisions to pursue the MD dream. Any (constructive/positive) thoughts are appreciated. For some context: I have completed a 5-year undergrad in 2016 (lower GPA for 1st and 2nd year due to extenuating circumstances, higher for last 3 years) and currently finishing a long but successful 4-year research-based Master's (first author pub to come later this year, which has been my main focus). MCAT is not the best (507- 129/124/128/126 chem/cars/bio/psych), have tried re-writing and I keep scoring the same for CARS but this could also be explained by the lack of time to study during grad school...not sure. I have well balanced and meaningful ECs, but nothing extraordinary. So far, I have been unsuccessful with interviews in Canada after 3 application cycles.
  13. Would you mind sharing the MCAT score you had per section please :)?
  14. I am a grad applicant and haven't received anything! UofT MD posted a meme on their instagram story that not all grad students will receive this e-mail and not to panic haha.
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