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  1. Koopatroopa

    Orientation Packages

    I just received the welcome package to my USask email.
  2. Koopatroopa

    Orientation Packages

    I’m also eager to get the orientation package! As for the schedule: Did you receive an email (to your application address) with your paws login? Once you log into paws, check your sask email and it includes the details for how you can register for the courses. That gives you an idea of the schedule. I also found a weekly fall 2018 schedule here (https://share.usask.ca/medicine/one45/kbase/Curriculum Calendar.aspx) I’m not sure if it’s completely accurate, but it’s way more detailed.
  3. Koopatroopa

    Secret work and omission of employment

    I have two thoughts... Is there an incorporated name that the business is under? A lot of business owners have sort of a 'personal' business name along with the company name. The other thing I thought is to put the name of the business owner, and not the business. I mean, these aren't ideal, but they at least maintain some truth... You gotta do what you gotta do. I can definitely think of some jobs I wouldn't want to include in my apps.
  4. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Refused In Province (IP)/ Out of Province (OOP): IP AGPA (x.xx/4.5): 4.0 MCAT (xx.xx/528): 508 Rural/Non-Rural: Some rural aspects, not full rural Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): 0 Congratulations to everyone who received acceptances today!! And for everyone with refusals - keep trying!! This is a numbers game
  5. I just asked for confirmation of receipt today from admissions. I think that it's probably all good, but I'll feel better hearing from them that they received it. I'm a little surprised there's no way for us to check our app statuses online, nor do they let us know when our documents are received... It's difficult to ensure that our apps are complete. I'm still dying from excitement to meet everyone in August!! I can't believe how quickly it's coming up.
  6. Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you right now!! So excited to meet everyone in August!!
  7. Koopatroopa

    Preparing for the MMI Question

    I definitely found it helpful!! As a first time applicant it was really nice to know what to expect. I found the acting stations difficult to prepare for, but I think maintaining professionalism in the face of challenges was really important during these stations. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this document together.
  8. Hmm, that would suck. I have an offer from UofS, but have to decide by May 25... so if I get in to UofM on June 4 it won’t matter, as I’ll obviously be accepting the offer I have.
  9. UBC and USask were both staggered. I imagine UofM will be the same. We should all receive a decision today afaik
  10. Creeping back, It seems like previous years have released acceptances by 3pm, so hopefully by then...
  11. Nope, nothing yet for me. Here’s hoping for some news soon.
  12. Time: 1:42 MST Accepted to Regina campus (First choice)  Geography: OOP AP GPA: 85ish MCAT: 508  Interview: I felt the worst about this one tbh. I blew my first station completely, but recovered by the end haha. Definitely must have done better than I thought! I’m so excited to meet everyone in August! I’m 95% sure I’ll be accepting my offer!
  13. Koopatroopa

    How is everyone doing?

    Congrats!!!! would you mind sharing the time you got your email? Thanks!!!
  14. Koopatroopa

    How is everyone doing?

    thanks! Fingers crossed!!