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  1. Western requires you fill out a form with information regarding your assets and parents assets where you can also write whether your parents are expected to help out or not. The document is quite extensive, and this is used by Western to give out scholarships. They also give partial scholarships as well, that are not the full 26k. I was able to receive a smaller bursary this way.
  2. I just wrote my own document on word stating that I have a clear record and emailed it to admissions and that was good for them.
  3. yeah I think I'm going to have to speak to another advisor, I just want to make sure everything is on the table before I sign up for their line of credit.
  4. I just spoke to Viktoriya at the RBC branch in downtown Toronto, and she said that was a promotion that was happening last year and not this year.
  5. Just got the call at 2:20 pm EST for the Windsor campus and I was on the Normal waitlist! Can't wait to see all my future classmates and good luck to those still on the waitlist because it is moving!
  6. Time Stamp: 4:00 pm EST Invite: Yes IP/OOP: IP Non-SWOMEN 2YGPA: 3.81 MCAT: C/P:129 CARS: 129 B/B: 128 P/S: 125 So incredibly excited! I never thought I would be posting here. Congratulations to all of those who received interviews, and for those who have not, don't lose hope!
  7. Time stamp: 2:55 pm Reject CARS: 129 GPA: 3.48 CASPer: Felt Okay, clearly not good enough to offset my GPA IP 5th year undergrad Best of luck to everyone else!
  8. Timestamp: 11:28 EST Interview: No GPA OMSAS 3.48 Context: Lived in urban areas my whole life ECs: Various undergraduate research roles, various teaching roles, numerous community volunteering roles Non-Trad: No First time applying Not surprised with the result, best of luck to all those still in the game!
  9. @iFlayx Thank you! You're right, theres no use worrying about it now, only time will tell to see if it works out. Thank you for the reply.
  10. As others have said, you've got a great GPA! Try to increase your ABS, and retake the MCAT and you will be golden. Believe me, you can rebound from a crappy CARs score. I went from a 124 on my first write, to a 129 on my second attempt. It is doable!
  11. I received my score last week, and I'm very happy overall with the score, however I feel that P/S is going to be too low for western this year. My score is as follows: C/P: 129, CARS: 129, B/B: 128, P/S: 125 any advice as to what to do would be great. Edit: I'm Non- SWOMEN
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