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  1. CanPreMed2018

    Letter of Declaration

    I just wrote my own document on word stating that I have a clear record and emailed it to admissions and that was good for them.
  2. yeah I think I'm going to have to speak to another advisor, I just want to make sure everything is on the table before I sign up for their line of credit.
  3. I just spoke to Viktoriya at the RBC branch in downtown Toronto, and she said that was a promotion that was happening last year and not this year.
  4. Just got the call at 2:20 pm EST for the Windsor campus and I was on the Normal waitlist! Can't wait to see all my future classmates and good luck to those still on the waitlist because it is moving!
  5. Time Stamp: 4:00 pm EST Invite: Yes IP/OOP: IP Non-SWOMEN 2YGPA: 3.81 MCAT: C/P:129 CARS: 129 B/B: 128 P/S: 125 So incredibly excited! I never thought I would be posting here. Congratulations to all of those who received interviews, and for those who have not, don't lose hope!
  6. CanPreMed2018

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Time stamp: 2:55 pm Reject CARS: 129 GPA: 3.48 CASPer: Felt Okay, clearly not good enough to offset my GPA IP 5th year undergrad Best of luck to everyone else!
  7. CanPreMed2018

    Interview invites 2018

    Timestamp: 11:28 EST Interview: No GPA OMSAS 3.48 Context: Lived in urban areas my whole life ECs: Various undergraduate research roles, various teaching roles, numerous community volunteering roles Non-Trad: No First time applying Not surprised with the result, best of luck to all those still in the game!
  8. @iFlayx Thank you! You're right, theres no use worrying about it now, only time will tell to see if it works out. Thank you for the reply.
  9. CanPreMed2018

    Do I have a chance

    As others have said, you've got a great GPA! Try to increase your ABS, and retake the MCAT and you will be golden. Believe me, you can rebound from a crappy CARs score. I went from a 124 on my first write, to a 129 on my second attempt. It is doable!
  10. I received my score last week, and I'm very happy overall with the score, however I feel that P/S is going to be too low for western this year. My score is as follows: C/P: 129, CARS: 129, B/B: 128, P/S: 125 any advice as to what to do would be great. Edit: I'm Non- SWOMEN