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  1. 3rd time was the charm for me! Year 1: reject, Year 2: waitlist, Year 3: accepted. To be honest, I think what made a difference for me was the interview. But re: essay my second application had slight tweaks after some feedback from peers, and then the third year it had more of an overhaul after more feedback and some advice from friends in med. Change involved elaborating more on some select experiences, and removing mention of others. So it became less of a list of experiences (which adcom can get from your supplemental ECs) and showed greater depth in my thoughts, emotions, reflection on certain experiences. In some cases I also dialed down the formality and let my personality show through a bit more. It's possible none of this really applies to your writing, so not sure if it's helpful! Of note, my supplemental score increased 3 points btw 1st and 2nd try and my ECs didn't really change. So editing the essay can be a good thing. My advice would be to let some trusted ppl read over your essay to get feedback, and if you can find examples of essays from successful applicants that could also be helpful. Feel free to pm me to chat more about it!
  2. Definitely go for it. I had a 3.7 gpa and a 505 MCAT and got in this past cycle. It was my third try though, and I think the interview held me back. If your Casper is all good, you will likely get an interview as IP. If interviews are something you are uncomfortable with, start prepping now. Practice, practice, practice in-person with whomever will listen, virtually with other applicants, record yourself on camera. The more you do this the less phased you'll be on the actual day! Cannot stress enough how key interview practice is!! It's a good chunk of your score, and the only thing you have control of once your app is submitted. Good luck!!
  3. Annnd as I just wrote that I got an email saying the class is full. On to the next one!
  4. I don't know for sure one way or the other, but I am not expecting anything Could probably call the office if you really wanted to know.
  5. I have not, but it looked as though the class was full according to Dal Online and I think classes might have already started (?).
  6. Yes, agreed with MedHopeful93. I have a PhD and Dal will use my grad courses and my most senior (recent) year of undergrad to calculate GPA. Quite sure it has nothing to do with the level of courses.
  7. I am technically OOP, but have a PhD... " Applicants with a PhD conferred by the application deadline, supported Aboriginal applicants, and supported MD/PhD applicants will have their BC residency requirement waived" Does anyone know if I would fall under IP or OOP in the interim stats? Thanks!
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