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  1. Thank you for your input! I will try my best to get my primary application in on June 1st. I will also try to get my list up to ~25 schools (including Wayne state), but OUWB no longer accepts Canadians as another poster suggested (i've checked both the MSAR and their webpage). I certainly have more non-academics that i didn't include in the original post, but i hope that the lack of extensive shadowing experience does not significantly impact my chances.
  2. Yeah I used the MSAR to compile that list. Thanks for the input. My CARS score has put me in a dilemma because i'm kind of forced to retake it if i want to have a shot at Canada but apparently USMD schools don't look favourably on retaking the MCAT. So I feel that my application to USMD is a "now or never" thing otherwise in the future they would see that i retook a 519.
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