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  1. Result: Refused wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 129/126/131/131 (overall 517) ECs: Fairly extensive (volunteering, clubs, societies, employment). This has been my focus for the last few years Year: UG (graduated) IP/OOP/International: OOP
  2. Is this speculation? Not calling you out, just curious if confirmed
  3. I am trying to avoid speculation this year. They can keep their secrets ......as long as they accept me lol
  4. One of my verifiers was contacted today. Feels earlier than years past, but I can't complain.
  5. If you do not have a pang of anxiety over something you said, did you even interview?!
  6. I am trying to find information on letters of reference for McGill's MDCM program. From what I can tell, you only need reference letters if you are applying to the combined MDCM& PhD. Is this correct? Lmk! Thank you.
  7. Hey! Yes, you can still apply as long as you only use the grades from your previous degree (BSc. 2019). You will be ineligible to apply if you start a MSc. or PhD where you will not defend before the start date of Dal's MD program. I am unsure of the exact date. You can leave your bachelor degree. I know student's who left Dal's Pharmacy program before their final year to study Dal Med.
  8. You and me both. I am sitting here refreshing my e-mail on one tab and refreshing this forum in another.
  9. People wouldn't call if they set a date and they were clear in their actions. The admissions office created this game...they might as well play along
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