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  1. This is my current mood ahaha. In summer of 2017, I was accepted to USyd’s MD program but turned it down to try my luck in Canada...it’s now almost 2019. I feel like the Canadian system has created an arrested development for hundreds if not thousands of qualified students.
  2. This is true. They sent me an e-mail indicating that one or more of my verifiers didn't respond. The e-mail does not specify whom. Each verifier is given one week to confirm your experience. One of my verifiers responded to my e-mails and texts after the deadline....assuming this is why my NAQ score was lower than anticipated.
  3. Can you link the redit page URL?
  4. Quick question! A verifier just got back to me indicating that they were contacted on November 8th. They did not submit their response until today, which is past the November 15th cut off (outlined in an e-mail sent to me from admission's office Re: verifier not responding). Will the verifier still be able to submit the confirmation of experience? I understand this entry will not likely be included in my NAQ score but I figure more information the better. Please let me know what you think!
  5. Dang, ok. Thank you! I have reached out again to all my verifiers to confirm if they have been contacted. Fingers crossed.
  6. I received an e-mail from UBC indicating that some of my versifiers have not replied. I have reached out to all my verifiers to remind them to check their SPAM folders. Can anyone comment on what happens if the Admission's Office does not hear back from my verifiers? So far, I have had 5 verifiers contacted at two separate times. Once in September and once in early November.
  7. If a verifier is contacted but they do not respond, is that experience discredited from your application?
  8. yeeewww

    Chance me with my unfortunate MCAT...

    I have essentially the same MCAT score; 517 (129/126/131/131). I applied to Mac but I think it will be a stretch with a 126 in CARS. Mac does claim that if you have a high GPA and score well on casper then you have a shot. Only issue is that you are applying blind. Should be interesting to see what happens.
  9. Two of my verifiers were contacted tonight. I feel like it is early in the application process but UBC could do things differently and get right to it. Are the applications reviewed alphabetically? Has anyone else received notice from their verifiers about the university getting in touch? Let me know what you think.
  10. yeeewww

    How does UBC verify?

    I agree! Some of my entries are dated but relevant. I am concerned my verifiers might become mistaken about dates / responsibilities and create a discrepancy on my application. I have sent all my verifiers the 350 character blurb but these are human beings (and humans make mistakes all the time). Check out the warning posted in the Help Guide 2018/2019 below. Important: Discrepancies between the details in your application and those confirmed by the verifier are noted and may have a serious negative impact on your application. Also, it states that using the same verifier is not advisable. I held three different positions in the same lab with the same supervisor over three summers. Will they deduct points because of the repeated verifier? If anyone can provide some info it would be super helpful!
  11. yeeewww


    For out of province students, a 250-word Maritime connection essay is also required.
  12. yeeewww

    OOP Wait List Scores

    Most schools allow the accepted applicants two weeks to make a decision, this date would be May 22nd. I'd assume / hope the list will start moving the week of May 28th. Last spring, some applicants were accepted off the OOP waitlist as late as June 5th
  13. yeeewww

    2019 Application

    I applied this most recent cycle (OOP wait list). I'd be happy to chat / meet up talk about the application process.
  14. yeeewww

    OOP Wait List Scores

    I called the admissions office. They do not provide any info on how many people are wait listed.