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  1. My interpretation was that a lot applicants start their essays discussing a situation when they had to overcome a tough experience. Ultimately, the applicant reaches an epiphany / moment of clarity that they want to "help others" etc etc. My take home: avoid cliches.
  2. Last summer, I stopped by the admissions office to discuss my essay / supplemental portion of the application. One of the clerks told me that students can lose points if they re-submit the same / similar essay from previous year(s), and their essay happens be reviewed and recognized by the same adcom individual. The logic is lack of growth from one year to the next / originality. The admissions committee is only 15-20 people (I believe). She also joked, "do you know how many essays we receive of people being stuck in a storm --> epiphany" If you apply again, I highly recommend stopping by the admissions office to ask questions. If you are chatty, they may reveal information that could help set your application apart.
  3. I can relate to this in a big way. I check this thread neurotically, and I feel low key responsible for others because I started it lol. I heard a quote the other day that has helped. "If it is out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too." I hope everyone experiences some freedom this weekend.
  4. I'd assume the timeframe would depend on how C19 progresses. Ironically, staying at home and doing nothing might help speed up the process.
  5. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 7:25pm Location: IP Stream: English GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 517 (129/126/131/131) Current year: Graduated 2016 ECs: 3 research lab positions (one poster & one 3rd author pub) and a lot volunteering in community and healthcare. I worked in healthcare for 2 years as a medical product supply rep. I traveled to hospitals and worked with all-kinds of healthcare providers across North America. I participate in a few solo sports (skiing, yoga, surfing). A few others but it feels tiresome to list it all. Geography: IP I felt good about my essays this year. I worked closely with a university writing center on feedback. FYI, if you are unsure where to turn for personal statement advice for whatever reason university writing centers will almost always help (even if you are not enrolled from my experience).
  6. Check your junk folder. The e-mail was delivered at 10:39AM AST from medicine.admissions@dal.ca
  7. I am skeptical. It feels like every single person (I know) is on a WFH policy. If I was to bet, I would put my money on the covid pandemic delaying acceptance letters. There is widespread closures across the country. I hate to be negative, but people are losing their shit and acting paranoid. I don't know why this would be any different.
  8. My real question is.. when do we start worrying about Covid-19 delays prolonging our suffering?
  9. I told my self not to become neurotic about refreshing my inbox in March, but I think I have already lost that battle.
  10. Any speculation when they will release acceptance letters this year? 2018: Monday, March 5th 2019: Thursday, March 14th
  11. I am confused by Dal's new academic score policy change. If you have a high GPA and low MCAT (or vice versa) then your academic score won't plummet due to one of your low results? Or does this mean the MCAT is less important and GPA has more of influence?
  12. Result: Refused wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 129/126/131/131 (overall 517) ECs: Fairly extensive (volunteering, clubs, societies, employment). This has been my focus for the last few years Year: UG (graduated) IP/OOP/International: OOP
  13. Is this speculation? Not calling you out, just curious if confirmed
  14. I am trying to avoid speculation this year. They can keep their secrets ......as long as they accept me lol
  15. One of my verifiers was contacted today. Feels earlier than years past, but I can't complain.
  16. If you do not have a pang of anxiety over something you said, did you even interview?!
  17. I am trying to find information on letters of reference for McGill's MDCM program. From what I can tell, you only need reference letters if you are applying to the combined MDCM& PhD. Is this correct? Lmk! Thank you.
  18. Hey! Yes, you can still apply as long as you only use the grades from your previous degree (BSc. 2019). You will be ineligible to apply if you start a MSc. or PhD where you will not defend before the start date of Dal's MD program. I am unsure of the exact date. You can leave your bachelor degree. I know student's who left Dal's Pharmacy program before their final year to study Dal Med.
  19. You and me both. I am sitting here refreshing my e-mail on one tab and refreshing this forum in another.
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