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    yeeewww reacted to boggie111 in Changing Essays year to year   
    The answer to this is something that only the admission committee would know. If you feel that you have a strong essay I’d work on other parts of your application that you feel you could improve more! (I’d also get more people to read your essay for better feedback)
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    yeeewww reacted to MedHopeful93 in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    In this climate, I would personally be nervous about attending a 3 year program.  COVID will likely be yesterday's news by the time you're in clerkship (which is where it matters most) but given that you have only 1.5 years to do any sort of clinical immersion, your pre-clerkship years may be limited in terms of opportunity for pre-clerkship elective/ hospital exposure.  Something to think about at least! 
    As for the "reputation" comment, it's important to consider why that matters.  Dal grads have excellent match rates, and ample opportunity for research, electives, etc.  We have all major specialties, fewer learners, and lots of eager mentors which means opportunities are easy to come by and help with matching etc.  Unless you are super keen on exploring a highly specialized subspecialty, (or like some said, impress your friends) I can't think of why Dal being a smaller or less internationally-known school would be a disadvantage in any way.  
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    yeeewww reacted to Anaik in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    I encourage you both to take the time to look into the CMAs data on CARMS throughout the years. 

    I also encourage you to talk to people from both programs, you’ll find both schools will give you adequate exposure to any field you want. For example, I know at dal you can set up shadowing outside of electives in any specialty no problem. I imagine Mac has something similar. The “less opportunity” at dal is not actually a disadvantage if you factor in the fact that there are less students, and there’s a good chance you may be the only student in your year spending time under a preceptor.
    It should all come down to the environment you want to be in and which program suits you best. The school won’t make you a better physician, but the effort you put in will.
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    yeeewww reacted to Hope1108 in NS Waitlist Score Poll   
    received an offer from Dal just now, and I am going to accept 100%!!!!
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    yeeewww reacted to themix in Acceptance letter release date?   
    I'm thinking Thursday as well. If it's not this week I'll be pretty confused because it's been 4 weeks since they announced the delay.
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    yeeewww reacted to Chels1267 in Acceptance letter release date?   
    In case anyone wanted to join me.

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    yeeewww reacted to ramjagsingh in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Just to follow up and for reference for others:
    2019: Thursday March 14th about 2 pm
    2018: Monday March 5th about 10:15 am
    2017:  Tuesday March 14th about 10:50 am
    2016: Wednesday March 16th about 9 am
    2015: Tuesday March 17th about 11 am
    2014: Tuesday March 11th about 12:15 pm
    2013: Thursday March 7th about 11 am
    2012: Monday March 5th about 12:30 pm
    2011: Monday March 7th about 10:15 am
    2010: Monday March 15th about 9:45 am
    Everything before here goes back to May. Hopefully that ain't us!
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    yeeewww reacted to Kidbuu in Acceptance letter release date?   
    I feel like mun sending out their results last week is making me optimistic that dal will follow this week... maybe wishful thinking though 
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    yeeewww reacted to Kidbuu in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Here’s to hoping it’s this week!
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    yeeewww reacted to dankmeme in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Totally echo this!! To everyone waiting, just know that all admins and med school staff are incredibly bogged down right now with intradepartmental matters. COVID threw everyone and everything (including all of the med classes) in for a loop .
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    yeeewww reacted to ramjagsingh in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Couldn't agree more. The admission process starts back in August basically and we are told we are going to find out in March. Yes a lot of things have changed due to COVID-19 and there are a lot of more pressing issues in the world at this moment, I understand that. But that still doesn't take away from the fact being accepted into medical school is important for the individual and the healthcare system. I have not seen any sense of entitlement on here whatsoever. Are we tired of waiting? Yes. Are we frustrated with the situation and having very little distractions? Absolutely. But by no means does that mean we are entitled. No individual here is demanding that they know whether they are accepted or not. I think the fact we are all confined to our homes with little else to distract us with is a major contributing factor to the frustrations built up. But this isn't the admissions committees fault, we recognize that this pandemic is completely out of their control. So to be deemed as entitled because we're disappointed that the fate of futures has been delayed for a month is quite uncalled for in my opinion. At no point has anyone blamed or attacked the admissions committee. Obviously we all want them to make the correct decisions when the time comes for admissions letters to be released. It just sucks to have to wait when you originally believed you would know the answer.
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    yeeewww got a reaction from Jessletmein in Acceptance letter release date?   
    I can relate to this in a big way. I check this thread neurotically, and I feel low key responsible for others because I started it lol.
    I heard a quote the other day that has helped.  "If it is out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too." I hope everyone experiences some freedom this weekend.  
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    yeeewww reacted to Chels1267 in Acceptance letter release date?   
    I'll jump on board anyone's crazy train theories at this point lol.
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    yeeewww reacted to Jessletmein in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Anyone else thinking it could be today? I'm reaching.... but if they DO in fact meet on Wednesdays they could have finalized virtually yesterday and be setting up the emails for release this afternoon (recall last year they released on a Thursday afternoon) ... would be soooo nice for everyone involved to know before the "holiday weekend".... I might just be losing it and want it so bad I'm making crazy theories but really its been weeks since they postponed and if it is true that they had raw scores why is it taking so long to tie up loose ends... you'd think with everything else they likely have on their plates they'd want this task out of the way ASAP..... A girl can dream right?
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    yeeewww reacted to andnowmywatchbegins in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Well, I can already see what the rest of April looks like: 

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    yeeewww reacted to Jessletmein in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Alright folks, we've officially made it to April!
    WE. GOT. THIS.
    (please hold April fools jokes, my heart cannot)
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    yeeewww reacted to ramjagsingh in OOP Seats   
    That was the interview stats for November 2018. For this application cycle (November 2019). There was 4 sessions in Halifax and 2 in Saint John I believe. I know the there was four interview tracks during each session in Halifax (4x12=48). I'm not sure if Saint John is the same... But, if all of my assumptions are correct (6x48=288). So that would mean 288 people interviewed, which was down from last year. This is all based off these assumptions I stated so feel free to correct me! But if there are 288 interviewees, I would assume the number of OOP people interviewing would definitely be down from 109.
    Edit: Sorry forgot to answer the other question, there are still only 9 OOP seats!
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    yeeewww reacted to themix in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Long time lurker here, this wait is agonizing but this forum keeps me going haha
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    yeeewww reacted to Jessletmein in Acceptance letter release date?   
    This hit home for me, hope everyone is staying safe (and somewhat sane). 

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    yeeewww got a reaction from shel2323 in Acceptance letter release date?   
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    yeeewww reacted to med1day in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Maybe they are adding more people to the class of 2024? One can only dream LOL. Though I doubt they would do that without announcing it.
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    yeeewww reacted to Chels1267 in Acceptance letter release date?   
    Dal's class of 2024 will be the most patient group they've ever seen
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    yeeewww reacted to LastOneStanding in UofT 2020 Applications DISCUSSION THREAD   
    Thanks for the R UofT. Now I am ready for the virus to take my life!
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