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  1. Big Shaq

    Converting Credits to McGill Credits

    Do you know why on Page 28 it says that a 4 is an A+ and an A as well?
  2. Big Shaq

    Transcript Due Date

    Thanks for your reply! It shows they've received it now but didn't have it even in the summary up until the point they received it. I was confused b/c last year it at least said "Transcripts not received". Good thing it's sorted out though!
  3. Big Shaq

    Transcript Due Date

    I just submitted and there's nowhere that I see in the portal which confirms they have received a transcript. Any thoughts?
  4. I didn't read anywhere that 128 CARS was the cut-off? Where did you find this?
  5. Big Shaq

    OMSAS Transcripts

    They required it last year but I can't find it this year either.
  6. I'm not familiar with this school but do you have experience with this method? Thanks in advance
  7. Don't some schools prefer/require you take prereqs in class?
  8. Does anyone know off the top of their head some USMD schools that don't need English as a prereq in particular? Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have a list of CAN-friendly schools with no English requirement? I'm in my last year and would rather not take a full year English course part time.
  10. Big Shaq

    Interview Invite Thread

    You calculate it yourself, there's a conversion chart on the UofM website with how many credits they drop
  11. Big Shaq

    Interview Invite Thread

    Regrets 10:40 AM (EST) OOP AGPA: 4.3 MCAT: 522
  12. Will it be in January when they send out interviews?
  13. Big Shaq

    MCAT Submission This week

    Yeah just got it today as well an hour after posting! Good luck with your app
  14. Their website says they are collecting MCAT scores this week. If i released my score last week when should I see it confirmed on the portal?