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  1. Bump - did anyone take notes during the presentation or have a recording they can share?
  2. UWO grades are converted: 70s --> 3.0 and 80+ --> 4.0 when you apply to USMD
  3. Big Shaq

    Converting Credits to McGill Credits

    Do you know why on Page 28 it says that a 4 is an A+ and an A as well?
  4. Big Shaq

    Transcript Due Date

    Thanks for your reply! It shows they've received it now but didn't have it even in the summary up until the point they received it. I was confused b/c last year it at least said "Transcripts not received". Good thing it's sorted out though!
  5. Big Shaq

    Transcript Due Date

    I just submitted and there's nowhere that I see in the portal which confirms they have received a transcript. Any thoughts?
  6. I didn't read anywhere that 128 CARS was the cut-off? Where did you find this?
  7. Big Shaq

    OMSAS Transcripts

    They required it last year but I can't find it this year either.
  8. I'm not familiar with this school but do you have experience with this method? Thanks in advance
  9. Don't some schools prefer/require you take prereqs in class?
  10. Does anyone know off the top of their head some USMD schools that don't need English as a prereq in particular? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have a list of CAN-friendly schools with no English requirement? I'm in my last year and would rather not take a full year English course part time.
  12. Big Shaq

    Interview Invite Thread

    You calculate it yourself, there's a conversion chart on the UofM website with how many credits they drop
  13. Big Shaq

    Interview Invite Thread

    Regrets 10:40 AM (EST) OOP AGPA: 4.3 MCAT: 522
  14. Will it be in January when they send out interviews?