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  1. Is the immunization form for Sept 2020 available for the admitted students? I do not see it on the website
  2. I was a T.a, I have research one pub one just assistant, sport related jobs, 1 club and hospital volunteering nothing too crazy tbh!
  3. I have applied in the past and they still put verified with the initials of the person every year I have applied
  4. Hi, Anyone knows if Principles of Biology I (Biol 204) and Principles of Biology II (Biol 205) (both have home labs) at Athabasca would count for the 6 credit bio requirement?
  5. Hi would it be possible for someone to do all their prerequisites at Athabasca , is there a limit of online classes for the prerequisites one could take?
  6. Hi, I still didnt get mine , but will share when I do !
  7. Anybody got their ranking post interview or know when they are gonna send it ?
  8. anyone from the french stream heard anything this week?
  9. Anybody saw Ottawau changed their prerequisites on their website to: 6 units in humanities /Social Sciences 6 units in Biology or Physiology 3 units in Organic Chemistry 3 units in Chemistry 3 units in Biochemistry 3 units in Statistics
  10. The person with 3.78 was cnfs, so no you cant really compare
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