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  1. Hi would it be possible for someone to do all their prerequisites at Athabasca , is there a limit of online classes for the prerequisites one could take?
  2. Hi, I still didnt get mine , but will share when I do !
  3. Anybody got their ranking post interview or know when they are gonna send it ?
  4. anyone from the french stream heard anything this week?
  5. Anybody saw Ottawau changed their prerequisites on their website to: 6 units in humanities /Social Sciences 6 units in Biology or Physiology 3 units in Organic Chemistry 3 units in Chemistry 3 units in Biochemistry 3 units in Statistics
  6. The person with 3.78 was cnfs, so no you cant really compare
  7. You can definitely email the admission to ask for the gpa cut off for the English stream of the year you apply to or even the year before to get an idea. I know that the english stream's gpa in super competitive but if you have above the cut off for sure apply, if you do really well on casper and have unique abs you have all your chances.
  8. Yes that only seems logical because there's WAY more people and movement
  9. My friend called and asked if they were done the first round for the french stream and the person that answered said no, so im guessing tomorrow?
  10. Hi, are you looking to apply to the french or english stream?
  11. It's completely normal you're feeling this way, your efforts will pay off!!
  12. Im sorry you're feeling this way, this is a very hard process. Dont give up hope Ottawa usually takes 2-3 days for the first round of offers! Then other offers for the waitlist are made in June, hang in there!!
  13. Anyone from the french stream on the forum got an offer today ?
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