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  1. Contact the schools admission offices directly and they will be able to give you the best answer.
  2. that's what I thought, but i guess not? if anybody else gets a different response please post about it here.
  3. " More information regarding your ranked waitlist position can be obtained by emailing admissions.dentistry@schulich.uwo.ca with your OUAC Reference Number" is a quote straight out of the letter from student center, and then when I contacted that email i get "We do not give out information regarding applicants ranking on the Wait List nor how many people are on the Wait List" now i'm dying on the inside. Smh Waitlisted GPA: 89.7% best two DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 23/18/20 Interview performance (personal opinion): I felt pretty good about it, except my community member had a really strong accent and had to ask him to repeat himself for a couple questions. I guess they thought otherwise. IP/OOP: IP Year: graduated 
  4. do they take a while to reply for an email with regards to waitlist? i emailed them at 12:02 am so they see it first thing in the morning. i hope it's not "few days"
  5. you can get a 300k loan with no cosigner needed if you have an offer of admission from Canadian dental schools. No hard working graduate should have any trouble paying it back, especially because you can get a good rate (slightly below prime that goes into effect 1 year after graduation). Can't say the same about the states.
  6. you thinking about the waitlist already before results are out bruh, stay positive you don't you if you are waitlisted just yet.
  7. I assume that no bonus is awarded to 4th year thesis correct?
  8. wrote this to prove to myself that I can read. Bio: 24 (-2) Chem: 24 (-3) PAT: 22 (same) RC: 21 (+3) AA: 23 (same) Won't be using these scores regardless, good luck to everyone.
  9. do they pull out of a hat? why were you able to get it before others? assuming you are talking about canadians only.
  10. If you have the option between london Ca vs Clevland OH, you should probably stay local. All you need to know about life there is 250K Canadian (190k USD) vs 400K USD (520K Canadian) lol. Unless you don't mind spending the extra cash that is...
  11. Are you able to own a practice and hire people etc? or do you have to work for someone/with someone for 3 years to get the green card and then own a practice?
  12. Invite GPA: 89.7% DAT: 23AA/18RC/23 PAT/25TS ECs: ~380 Shadowing hours with majority spent at a general practice and some at an orthodontist, research for 1 year with paper submitted for publication, extensive volunteering in hospitals and working with children with learning disabilities, club involvement including exec positions, self-intiatives. Finished undergrad, taking a gap year.
  13. i just remembered, for the bio question @hamza-1199 this is what I put also (no change).
  14. I re-wrote a 23AA-20PAT-18RC (My AA is inflated cus of 25TS). Probably not gonna use this test cus i got admitted to the U.S. and I'm not about to wait another year (assuming i don't get western with my 23 score cus of RC. I thought this test was far more reasonable than last november ESPECIALLY the RC. I only ended up purely guessing the last question. You never know about these scores but I feel decen't about RC. Science I didn't prep much for it to be honest cus I'm relying on my strong science background and still thought it was alright over all with the exception of few questions here and there. Like what the heck is regulative cleavage? i've never heard of that term until i looked it up on google and it means in-determinant, smh cus i assumed they meant determinant. I definitely know i'm scoring lower on science, hoping for a 22+ TS. PAT was also better than November I felt. Overall, I liked this one better.
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