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  1. Hello guys and gals, This will be my 4th year applying to NOSM and I've always been uncertain about this portion of the application. The questions: 1. Please identify the population of the community in Canada in which you spent your adolescent years. 2. If you lived in and attended secondary school in Canada, what was the postal code of your home address? Okay, #1 is easy for me. I lived in Hanover, Ontario, from Grade 3 until the end of Grade 10. Considering most of my elementary school and remembered childhood happened here, this is what I documented. For #2, however, I'm a bit torn. Like I said, I lived in Hanover up until the end of Grade 10. Afterwards, I moved to Bowmanville, Ontario, and completed Grades 11 and 12, as well as a couple OAC courses (I was in the old curriculum). This is the school in which I graduated. So, counting the OAC courses, I'd say I completed more high school in Bowmanville than in Hanover. I still identify more with the Hanover school, though, as that's where I feel I "grew up". My high school years in Bowmanville were pretty tumultuous and, to be honest, I hardly went--angsty teenager not happy with moving away from my friends and all that jazz. Haha Obvious concern here for a NOSM applicant is that Bowmanville isn't going to be considered rural--Hanover is. Any thoughts?
  2. Rejected. Second year in a row, though interviewed the year prior with my first (and hastily prepared) attempt. Really scratching my head over this year as my application reads much, much stronger than my initial year that landed me an interview. Not rural all my life, but born in Elliot Lake and lived there until age 9. Moved to smallish town (pop: 5000) until age 16, then lived an hour from Toronto in a larger town (pop: 25k) until age 26. Moved to Sudbury August of '09. Never lost contact with the North as all of my extended family lives around here. Was a kick in the stomach as I had very high hopes for this year, but am looking at the bright side: nearly a whole year to better myself and my application. Congrats to those of you who are interviewing! It really is a lot of fun and those 100 minutes go by in a flash.
  3. When I applied they asked for the postal codes of all places I had ever lived and dates to accompany them. I remember this because I was able to state that I was born in Elliot Lake and lived there until I was 9. Perhaps they have stopped doing this?
  4. Similar experience, here. I interviewed my first year applying to NOSM with a last minute application that I had whipped up. Didn't even expect an interview, but was thrilled. Didn't get in that year, which was no surprise for me (though the interview went well enough, I did feel my initial app was weakish). So, this past cycle I had applied with a much stronger application. Finished my degree, added 4-5 ECs, boosted my GPA a smidge, and bought a house in Sudbury (I was living east of Oshawa). No interview this year. Not even applying this year... completing a masters degree, now. I will apply again next year.
  5. Yeah, at least these prices are MUCH more reasonable. Apple products are almost disposable, anyways. j/k UOIT had outrageous tech fees, and the laptops weren't very good at all. NOSM is cheap enough that you can understand the prices given software + hardware depreciation costs.
  6. Are the questions the same as the last two years? I'm taking a year off from applying... in the midst of my masters degree. Will apply again when this sucker is done.
  7. They require/provide an iPad? Haha, that's crazy... Kind of neat, though.
  8. Yeah, I am just starting my Masters program in May... it's around a 20 month program, so I am thinking even if I push it, December is my best bet. I doubt if I will have everything graded and a completed transcript by the 30th. That being said, there is a health psychology certificate program that I could take starting in January of 2012 that would finish up in August, 8 months later. So I'd be ready to apply for the Oct 1st 2012 deadline with a Masters degree (0.2 bump) as well as that certificate which would just fall into the 48 item sketch. Hrm. It's unnerving for me to be thinking this far into the future. Haha
  9. Ah, thank you! I'm not sure when convocation happens but I'm doubting it's before Dec 30th as I believe I will be finishing up in December. Damn. Thanks for the clarification!
  10. Okay, am looking at this right now: http://www.normed.ca/education/ume/general.aspx?id=1232 Graduate Degree is mentioned twice. Once suggesting it needs to be completed by Dec 30th of the application year, and then again suggesting it would be completed by the application deadline (which we all know to be Oct 1st). So, anybody requested clarification on that? I will be completing my masters between Oct 1st and Dec 30th so this would make a pretty big difference for me--potentially allowing me to receive credit and reapply a year earlier. Also, am I correct in understanding that the marks obtained in the grad degree don't matter, as long as you receive the degree? Sounds like convocation is all that is needed to nab the 0.20 GPA boost. Trying to bump up my 3.71.
  11. Yeah, you'll want to try and stay fairly current with the picture of healthcare in our country. Also make sure you're studying the school itself! What they are about, how the program is designed etc. I'm about to start my masters after not getting invited to interview this year... so I doubt if I apply next year... but it was a blast interviewing in 09. Good luck to all of you!
  12. Oh, I will! Congrats to all of you who are interviewing! It is truly a great experience! I had a lot of fun interviewing last year and was really looking forward to it this year! After the first question you'll find it exciting and fun! Enjoy and good luck!
  13. I did not. I know NOSM is the school I want to go to--I've even moved to Sudbury (bought a house!) to be close by. My day will come, but for now, I will look into getting my MA in Psychology. Looks like it can be done online in about 2~ years. At least that will get me back into academia so I can dive into some books and papers. I've been going stir crazy since I finished school last April! Moving to Sudbury, buying the house, getting a dog and starting a new job was all good... but now I need more. Sadly NOSM won't be filling that void this year, but someday, hopefully...
  14. Was pretty surprised yesterday to get a rejection email! My appy last year was thrown together quickly before the deadline as I had originally not intended to apply that year. I was granted an interview at NOSM. This year I substantially beefed up my application adding several fantastic volunteer experiences, finished my degree, and even bumped up my GPA by a whopping 0.01 (3.70 - 3.71). So, either a strong pool this year (at least relative to last year) or the subjectivity of the marking of those questions is really shining through. I feel my answers were stronger than last years! Anyhow, that being said, this is the push I needed to finally pull the trigger on starting my masters. This will give me something to sink my teeth into and should get me into med school for the 2013 class, haha.
  15. I was thinking something more healthcare related at this point in time. Before moving to Sudbury, I spent 6 years working with a boy with Down's Syndrome. Six years, 3 days a week, and Monday's were bowling. Definitely lots of fun, but I am after something that will expose me to the northern healthcare system.
  16. Hey guys and gals, I moved to Sudbury in August of 2009. I was living east of Toronto with my parents, but after graduating I decided to put my eggs in NOSM's basket and make the move. I was born in Elliot Lake and spent many of my adolescent years in a rural pop. I've been busy with the new house/dog/job/life, but things are starting to settle down for me now and I want to get back into volunteering. I hope to interview again this year (I was able to get an interview last year with a hastily prepared app), and I would love to familiarize myself more with the community here. I volunteered back home in my local ER, as well as in an urgent care clinic and in a family practice. I found the latter 2 experiences very rewarding while the former was a bit tedious. Anybody in NOSM now that lived in Sudbury and had a great volunteer experience? I plan on completing the required course to volunteer in Sudbury's palliative care program this spring, but until then I'd like to find something rewarding to fill some spare time I've found. Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers, Chris
  17. ^ ^ ^ Exactly! When you experience true rural, it's hard to call any small pop in the south 'rural'. When you have to drive hours to get to a hospital, you understand why NOSM exists. Still, though... any volunteering is good volunteering.
  18. Yeah, I don't see why costs for an international student would be terribly different than the cost of unsubsidised tuition.
  19. Haha, this thread is interesting. While any discussion at this point could only benefit next years applicants, I'll add my $0.02. It's been said already, but the human element cannot be underestimated here. Your AB and submissions account for 1/3 of your mark. That's fairly substantial. I'm not sure of how the AB is scored (and how it is scored in relation to the submissions [1/6th each?]), but there are really 3 scenarios. You report you love to hunt/shoot guns or whatever the case may be. 1. Marker hates hunting/guns and you get a lower score because hey, objectivity is damned near a fallacy. 2. Marker accepts your hunting as a recreational activity that may strengthen ties to the North. 3. Marker will not care either way. I think 3 is most likely, to be honest... but hey, who knows. Also, remind yourself that your AB is scored by two people, and the average score is calculated and recorded.
  20. Yeah, the interview is EXTREMELY important. Good stats will get you an interview (I got one last year with mediocre 3.71GPA and a whipped-together application). I am grateful, though, because I learned a lot during those 100 minutes. This year I was much more prepared and I feel my application is much stronger (I added half a dozen things to my sketch). Anyways, my point is, half your score (in the end) is how you answer those 10 interview questions. Get your good grades and make sure to prep hard for the interview. You stand a good chance if you are persistent. I should also mention that all my eggs are now in NOSM's basket. I've even moved to Sudbury.
  21. Whenever available, I always refer to fortune cookies for life's tough decisions.
  22. They only count 3 and 4 year degrees. A 2 year nursing, 1 year teaching (or whatever else) is not counted.
  23. True. In my final couple years, I studied a lot. I wish I could go back in time and do my first years over again, but it's obviously in the past. Usually, by 2 days before a final, I am so sick of studying for it I rest. I put at least 3 but usually 4-5 solid days into each course's final. I highly recommend a day of rest after the studying.. the 2nd day before the final works well. The very day before, you can study lightly (review most pertinent/tricky things, which you should, by now, have a pretty good stranglehold on). So yeah, your decision involves picking one of the following courses of action: -work about 10 times harder than you do now -find a new career goal
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