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  1. Thank you! I wasn't able to register for the NOV dat. But I'll try to do FEB DAT in case I need to apply again next year!
  2. Thank you Fred! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to register for the Nov DAT. The spots in my city were gone after 2 days. I'll try to take the Feb 2021 DAT in case I have to apply next year.
  3. Applying to McGill, U of T and Western this year. IP for Ontario, OOP for McGill. GPA: ~3.87 depending on different schools DAT: Terrible... 18AA, 20 PAT EC: Lots of EC hours, leadership activities, 100+ shadowing hours, 200+ research hours, 500+ volunteer hours.
  4. U of T doesn't give priority to Ontario students as far as I know. Def worth a shot! (I'm from Ontario.)
  5. I talked about struggles with my personal life in post-secondary education.
  6. Hi guys! On U of Manitoba's website the active application for dental school is still Fall 2020.. Anyone knows if this means their application hasn't opened yet or it's a typo? Thank you!
  7. 1. Will the prereqs only be looked for completion? (Most likely, no. Many schools require these courses to be at least above B or C. Additionally, most schools calculate your overall science GPA, which of is affected by these prereq courses. ) 2. sGPA (science GPA) (Bio, chem, physics, maths, orgo chem, etc.)
  8. Hello c5555. I'm in similar situation. My cDAT are very similar to yours! I'm also applying to American dental schools this year. (Taking American DAT in August) I've done my research as well on the "Canadian-friendly American schools". I agree with you these schools you've listed are more Canadian/International students friendly. I have more experience and extracurricular activities so I decided to apply to American schools. (I'm applying to Temple, Penn, Columbia, and Detroit mercy.) I don't know if finance is a consideration for you, but if I were in your shoes, I would not apply to BU, Pacific, NYU, MWU, and Buffalo mostly because of the cost.
  9. Yes. Exactly! I'm missing a gen chem as my school only offers 1 gen chem course. UBC replied and basically missing any prereq at the time you apply will DSQ you.
  10. Is it worth applying? Or just wait for another year?? Thank you!!!
  11. Hello guys, I'm planning to apply in 2 years. At my school, my transcript shows my term GPA and cumulative GPA. (I can also figure out my science GPA the same way). My questions are: 1. When you guys talk about your GPA, how does the calculation work? For example, is it like (Term 1 GPA + Term 2 GPA+ Term 3 GPA + Term 4 GPA)/ 4? Or is it like (Total GPA of 20 Courses) / 20 2. Also, I know UWO won't count GPA from summer term. Is it the same way for other Canadian universities? Thank you!
  12. Congrats zocoloni! I have a random question. I'm planning to apply in my last year of uni. I noticed McGill requires a degree/ 120 credits. I'll be OOP. Does this mean I have to have completed 120 credits before my application? Thank you!
  13. Thank you Dentistry101 for your advise! Sounds great! I will confirm with them to be sure!
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