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  1. It's updated on the important dates section of their website! Tomorrow is the day for PEI and NB!!
  2. Regrets :'( But I'll be okay. I was accepted into Memorial University of Newfoundland's MD Program last week!!!!
  3. Hahaha understandable! It sucks because that requirement is no longer required for the next class(es)! We won't be classmates! I was accepted into the IP pool for MUN Med last week. Good luck with medical school!! x
  4. @hartk48, if you get accepted into Memorial, do you know what you are going to do!?
  5. Do you know how many OOP get on the waitlist?
  6. Reject! Time Stamp: 6:50pm EST Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: 3.90 Current year: 4th year, B.Sc (Honours) ECs: Pretty good I think. Lots of research, volunteering, and health-related jobs. Almost 8 years volunteering in my local hospital. I've worked with a child with autism for years. Lots of cancer, and health-related research. Casper: Thought it went ok!? It was good enough to receive an interview invite at Dalhousie. Good luck to all xx! I've interviewed at Memorial and Dalhousie - should be finding out within the month or so - wish me luck!!!
  7. The status of my application used to say: "Ready for review" and now it says, "Ready for evaluation" I know this is probably nothing, but just worth noting. Also, does anyone know if they just let you know about interview invites on Minerva or do you also get an email? Thank you!
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