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  1. So how bad does an RC of 18 look if my AA is 22 and PAT is 24? I was looking at admission stats for Western and they post averages for RC, which were pretty high. I'm assuming Western places more impact on RC. Do other dental school also place such importance on RC? (For Canadian and US dental schools)
  2. Looks like a lot of people did really well in this exam.
  3. 22AA, 24PAT First time taking it, so pretty surprised. RC was an 18 though :/
  4. The two solutions were equal because it's a colligative property. So both sides would move equally. That was my reasoning behind it.
  5. It wasn't so bad overall. First time taking the DAT so hopefully it went fine. The bio had a couple odds ones (egg laying mammal question), but was what I was expecting. Chemistry was much easier than I expected. As previously said, DATCrusher absolutely nailed the chem section. The chem barely had any actual calculations so I guess that made it easy. PAT was pretty easy overall as well. The angles seemed harder than what I'm used to and there were a few hard keyholes. Other than that, it was easy. Reading comprehension is where I think I did the worst. I felt I rushed a lot of the questions and the options were longer than what I was used to. Everyone else found it really easy so I guess I must have done pretty bad...
  6. Thanks for all the input! I will just try practicing with different methods and see what works best for me. Everyone will probably have their own way for that section of the exam.
  7. What would be the best method for RC? I know a lot of people use search and destroy, but when it comes to questions that ask "which of the following is true/not true based on the article?" you have to go through all the options and that takes too much time.
  8. Have any of you taken the Princeton review mock exams they hold at universities, and how that compares to the actual DAT? I took one recently and found that the bio was easy (not really any specific details tested), chem was easy (but I don't think I did well because haven't reviewed chem), PAT was okay (3 of the hole punching were hard...couldn't really see how the paper unfolded), and RC was hard (articles were long and not enough time). I did this before any actual content review so I didn't expect to do well or anything. I wanted to know if others have done that mock DAT and how it compares to the actual DAT.
  9. There are specific Chad's videos that are geared towards the DAT on coursesavers for $50 for 30 days. There's another set of just general chem vids that are for like $10 I think. I don't think there's any free ones. That's really helpful. Unfortunately I didn't keep many of my notes. I have a solid background in physiology, anatomy, developmental bio, and cell and molecular biology. I know I will need to brush up on courses like ecology and evolution if it's on it. For chem, I've only taken first year chem and organic chemistry, but I did pretty well on those so I think it won't be too hard to relearn the material. Yes it's very true not to go overboard especially with Feb exam talking place in midterm season...
  10. Thank you all for your input, much appreciated!
  11. Hi Guys I am planning to take the cDAT in February and I will be officially starting my review after my finals. I am trying to spend as little amount on the prep materials so I wanted to know what the recommendation for the PAT section and just overall review for the exam would be? I have searched this forum extensively and there isn't any clear response for what people would recommend for the cDAT. I am more interested in how datcrusher holds up in comparison to other companies. I have a solid bio background because of my major, and I will be reviewing chem. Currently I have Feralis and AP Cliff's, IQ publications reading and Bio/chem book, kaplan review notes (1000 page book), and the CDA 2014 manual. I am planning to get Chad's videos ($50) for chem and just need something for the PAT section and some extra practice exams and questions. I saw that the datcrusher is pretty cheap overall, includes everything I would need, and is geared towards the cDAT. Then there's datbootcam and crackthedat who offer more practice questions, a lot of extra stuff that I wouldn't need, higher prices and are not geared towards the cDAT. So it would be really helpful to see what you guys would recommend to get for online practice. Also, since I have the 2014 CDA manual, i wanted to know if I should get a 2017 manual or if they have the same content for the practice exam that's included?
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