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  1. Congrats everyone!! 2nd year IMP here. I'm happy to answer questions about the IMP or UBC in general if you send me a PM
  2. Huge shoutout to Kevin and Melissa for their hundreds of hours of work on this video!! You've made the class of 2023 proud!
  3. I am from BC and did my undergrad in Ottawa, and I chose UBC over Ottawa for med. It ultimately came down to the fact I want to be in BC for residency and in the long term. The fact that I can see my family more often wasn't really a factor in my decision, it was all based on location and where "home" is to me. I chose UBC even despite having to move away and probably lose a wonderful relationship with my significant other in Ottawa.
  4. Posting for stats: Accepted to CNFS off the waitlist today, I declined the offer. Best of luck to those on the waitlist
  5. Result: Waitlisted CNFS (good waitlist it looks like?) ***** Edit: Accepted off the waitlist on June 3rd; declined the offer ****** GPA: 3.97 ish Casper: a shit show as usual, felt the same as last year. Much harder in french than in english. ECs: Unique and diverse Interview: Some asshole on my panel was super rude, he was on his phone during my interview and looked super unhappy with my answers and how long I was taking to answer their questions. He psyched me out unfortunately and I lost my cool, I was super stressed out by him. Instructors are told not to push applicants to the point where they are uncomfortable, but he didn't care. Even if it was a show/test, this interviewer acted unprofessionally and crossed the line. I knew I bombed my interview when he psyched me out Year: 4th year UG
  6. Result: Rejected GPA: 3.97 ish MCAT: 131/127/131/132 (521) ECs: Unique and diverse Essays: Felt good about them, had them proofread by multiple people. Spent about a week on them. Interview: Wasn't nervous at all, thought at least 2 stations went great and two stations went so-so. I thought this interview went the best of all of mine since the interviewers gave me good non-verbal feedback and I thought I answered well. I may have said something that got me red flagged? Who knows! Year: 4th year UG Geography: OOP
  7. Result: Accepted GPA: 3.97 ish MCAT: 131/127/131/132 (521) ECs: Unique and diverse Interview: Hardest interview I've ever done by far. MMI was brutal, questions were super complex and the acting stations were batshit crazy. One of the follow up questions was so convoluted I didn't even understand it; I answered the wrong question... The format was super robotic, awkward, and cold. Panel: a deep dive into my personal life story trying to figure me out, like my true intentions, what I'm trying to show off and what I'm trying to hide. Asked me where I applied and where I interviewed to see if it lined up with my story about the patient population I want to serve (I thought they crossed the line with these questions). They caught me on every slightly unethical thing I could have done according to my CV and asked about a detail that I was hoping not to talk about lol. The way my panel went, it would be difficult to hold a story upright if it was based even partly on untrue or distorted intentions. My strategy was to be super honest and truthful, and it worked out. Overall I felt poorly coming out of the MMI and did not think I passed this interview at all, especially since the ratio of interviewees getting offers is so small. The people who run the interview are both savage and genius lol Year: 4th year UG  Geography: OOP * Will be rejecting my offer for UBC!
  8. I also haven't gotten a reply for my email for PAPL. Haven't sent in my money yet tho
  9. This is on the SOLUS, not the MedTech portal for med students, right?
  10. I can't remember my username and password... is our username our 6 digit OMSAS number?
  11. my queens offer on OMSAS says QDR. So the first letter must be the name of the med school?
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