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  1. Okay so far I just had midterms and medicine has always been my dream. My parents actually have tried to discourage it from me telling me it takes too much time and they even told me to go to college which I ignored. Basically on reading week I got really sick and honestly this is really embarrassing to say but all of you are on your way to being doctors or already doctors so I will just say it. During my biology midterm I got a really bad case of diarrhea and I honestly rushed the midterm so fast because I had to get out of there. I ended up with a 63, my labs so far and assignments have all been in the 90's; but this midterm really brought me down. I got a 92 on my chemistry midterm because that was a while after and my stomach finally went back to normal. I haven't gotten my other marks for my other classes yet but right now I'm really discouraged because of this mark. If your GPA for your first year isn't good does that completely shatter your chances of medical school? Because honestly, I don't have a back up plan, I don't know what else you could really do with a biomedical degree if you don't pursue further education except be a biology teacher and even that requires teaching school and something I would not like to do. Honestly, everyone I've talked to about medical school keeps telling me not to do it my friend told me her brothers friend even killed himself when he was trying to get into med school and couldn't get in. It's scaring me but there's just something about being a doctor that intrigues me; yes money is obviously a plus but its not just that; I don't know I really want to help people; I want to be that doctor that people love to visit. Are my dreams shattered?
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