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  1. Oh I totally agree. There is that too. I mean luck is a big factor more for people on the fence. There are superstar applicants that will be successful 10/10 times.
  2. As someone who has applied in 4 cycles. Your NAQ is very subjectively scored. Doesn't matter what they say. It can vary as much as 10 points between reviewers. One year I completely messed up my application and had a bunch of spelling errors. Next year, I had double the number of entries (putting down extracurriculars), added awards and publications, and went over it a dozen times and my score went down by 7 points. If you get rejected, don't lose hope and try again. There's a huge luck component.
  3. Anyone know when the first wave of early interviews were sent in previous years?
  4. They could theoretically do rejections tomorrow and early on Thursday and regular on friday
  5. As much as they say the system is objective, at the end of the day each assessor is different and that tends to lead to different scores among applicants.
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