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  1. I think if we dont hear anything by 3 p.m. est it's probably already sent out.
  2. Could be that it's already sent . Anyone able to call queens?
  3. Anyone know what the breakdown week by week is for waitlist offers? Is the 2nd week generally good ?
  4. People on the west coast might not be awake
  5. Nothing yet. Safe to assume another week of waiting?
  6. Really sorry to hear that! I was in a similar situation a few months ago where my co-op supervisor disagreed with me and I was close to failing (luckily I passed), but the day to day stress on my mental health was insane. I think that UBC will throw out your worst year like was mentioned above and because it is just one course it wouldn't look as bad, especially if it seems to be an outlier. There are also other medical schools in Canada (OMSAS) that you may have a decent chance at as they look at selective years. Keep your head up and get through this!
  7. Point Grey is good! Quick walk or bus ride. Only downside is that sometimes the bus is full by the time it gets to you.
  8. Very impressive stats. Maybe you can improve your references or apply to OMSAS.
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