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  1. They accept emails, I just sent my final transcript to OMSAS through the SSC like mentioned above.
  2. One entry in my opinion. Like mentioned, it might be better that you have a residency done (which is very impressive) and all the other stuff you do.
  3. Exactly. Many times, the pharmacists are the first ones that are affected with things like wages and hours cut. Pharmacists work so hard already. Go to your local pharmacy and watch the pharmacist run around from customer to customer while answering phone calls and doing reccomendations and 50 other things. It isn't fair which isn't really UBC Pharmacy's problem or fault - they do their best to provide you an excellent education. In my opinion, the people that think pharmacists just count pills will realize how valuable they are when they've finally cut them down to their last limbs and personally I think that's when you'll start seeing a lot of drug related errors. Also, understand that being a pharmacist is intense pressure, with 100s of scripts going out per day and you checking those scripts, most people would make one or two errors and its something that can seriously harm patients. For the government, as far as I know, it makes sense because why cut from anywhere else when you can cut from a profession that has a surplus of people (both international and new grads) that are willing (and forced after incurring tons of debt) to work for less and less. So they can cut the fees down, and the pharmacys reactionarily cut down pharmacist and pharmacy staff wages/hours. On that note, the amount of work some assistants do for minimum wage or just above minimum wage is also mindblowing. This is how I understand the system, maybe I am wrong and someone else can correct me. Pharmacists need to show the world how much they really do, how that is possible..i don't know... Any new pharmacy students reading this.. don't be too offput by this, there are different career avenues to explore. Clinical and industry pharmacy have a really good work life balance and in my opinion are some of the best jobs in healthcare. It's just that these spots are limited. If you are from those areas, like up north for northern health, the island for island health, etc..those health authorities will be likely to take you for clinical residency (that's been my experience). This is not a knock on the profesion itself at all but rather the climate that you will be working in. Pharmacists are very very important but no one seems to get it! If anyone has any questions at all feel free to message me
  4. I mean it’s better to take a gap year than do pharmacy as a backup. If your goal is pharmacy and you have a plan? Then go ahead. In my opinion, you will play a crucial role in the healthcare system but you will not be compensated fairly and so I would recommend people to avoid until the government gives pharmacists get the respect they deserve. Pharmacists are awesome the system is not!
  5. Thanks. I look forward to working intercollaboratively with all of you in the future. I know how hard it can be to be a pharmacist where you work your but off to care for a patient but don’t get appreciation.
  6. Please read my rephrased statement. It was incorrect for me to be so antagonistic. I am actually very pro pharmacists and what they do but as a pharmacist I am against the pharmacy system which does not give them the respect they deserve.
  7. Personally, I would not do (communtiy) pharmacy without a plan. Not to say what pharmacists do isn't valuable, its crucial but NOT compensated fairly AT ALL in my opinion. Pharmacists are smart and capable and wanting to contribute to the healthcare system. In my opnion, their curriculum is just as rigorous as medicine but the system (and other healthcare providers) in my opinion do not give them a chance. Every so often the government cuts down on pharmacist fees. I know that the government is thinking of rolling out prescribing rights for pharmacists and I really hope it passes because pharmacists deserve more! To summarize, the UBC pharmacy program is a really good program but, (in my opinion) community pharmacy is in bad shape, compensation wise. I have an immense respect for pharmacists and the stuff they put with. If you are interested, strive to do clinical or industry pharmacy (PM me and I can give you more information). I don't think the government has any plans to change this anytime soon and with immense student loans many people might be frustrated with where the program has left them. However, if you feel like you want to try and change this system, then all the power to you! You can do your own research though, all of this is my opinion and I wish you all the best.
  8. Personally, I don't believe that for monetary compensation a community pharmacy career is worth the investment, but you should do your own research.
  9. Deadline to accept for me was June 14. So they may be coming out today or tomorrow.
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