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    Interview Invites date?

    Regrets in province score dropped by 8 points and I added so much more stuff. Sucks!
  2. kingassault

    Interview Invites date?

    omg im way to nervous hahah
  3. kingassault

    Interview Invites date?

    last year it was 5:18
  4. kingassault

    Interview Invites date?

    last year came at 5:18
  5. Most likely what it means is that they're considering giving you an interview but needed to clarify things on your application that seemed weird. Pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with responding to the email.
  6. This is normal. One of my friends (who is a strong applicant and got an interview last year), also only had 1 verifier contacted.
  7. This year: 2 contacted that I know of. Last year I had 7-8 people tell me they got contacted.
  8. best of luck! what do ya'll think are the odds that there will still be dip in in province applicants compared to two years ago like there was last year due to the restriction of the 2015 MCAT?
  9. I don't mind. And no I didn't get an interview last year.
  10. Last year my first verifier was contacted oct 18.
  11. Last year I had 9 verifiers contacted and had no problems
  12. got the first one today!
  13. Hi Everyone, For those of you coming off unfortunate rejections or have a gap year and wish to bolster your application while contributing to a research lab, please see below. The Rodrigues Lab, in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC, is looking for a motivated trainee to join our research group for an 8 month project. There will also be an option to extend this opportunity into an MSc position, dependent on the progress of the project. This is a paid position. We use cell culture (endothelial cells and cardiomyocyte isolation), and other molecular biology/biochemistry techniques to investigate the regulation of cardiac metabolism during diabetes. If you are interested please contact: Bahira Hussein at bahira@mail.ubc.ca with your CV. Thanks
  14. Missed it by less than a point! Gl to everyone else
  15. Wow, really? Or is this a troll
  16. Final half hour! Can't focus at all
  17. I have 2 finals, can't focus haha
  18. ^ in response to your question, it seems like people have alot higher AQs this year. This could be because the prereqs were taken out so people had time to take "easy courses" to boost their GPA.
  19. Last year came out at 5 pm, so we may be in for a long day