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  1. Thank you guys for your response! It seems that working during med school is not the best course of action to take, guess ill just max out what student loans I still have available and get a LOC
  2. Hi guys! I was hoping a current Queen's med student might be able to give me some advice on this! I am beyond excited to be starting this next chapter of my life at Queen's medicine, but I have to say I am a little worried about how I am going to finance my studies and living expenses, and where my finances will be by the end of school (i.e. how much dept I will have). I was wondering what a current student thinks about working while in med school? I've heard some people say there is absolutely no time but I was hoping to hear from someone who actually knows the schedule and time commitment of medicine at Queen's and whether they would recommend it or not. Any advice on this would be super helpful!! Thank you!
  3. It's an online deposit correct? You transfer them the money and they just have to approve the transfer right? I'm trying to extend the deposit due date as much as possible so I can come up with the money haha. If its an online deposit then I think its safe for me to wait until Friday.
  4. This might seem intuitive to some but I just want to make sure. The deadline for the $1050 deposit to Queen's is one week from when you actually accept your offer right? Not one week from when you are given the offer (i.e. yesterday). So if I accept the offer on Friday, the deposit will be due next Friday correct?
  5. Accepted off the waitlist!!! (timestamp 12:07pm MST) So beyond excited!!!
  6. Aah okay, well it might just be a system glitch or something then. I guess we'll find out some news soon enough! Sorry Egg_McMuffin, didn't mean to worry you, its mostly my own insecurities at play. If you have experienced issues with your name being entered into a system before then maybe you should call/email them and double check, especially if you have different names in the email/OMSAS/SOLUS.
  7. Well if it never said you were added to the waitlist (even though you got a waitlist email) that would be kind of odd and I would contact the office maybe to let them know? I was waitlisted and on May 8th my status went from "pending" to "you have been added to the waitlist." On the other hand, they may be updating the system and getting ready to send out waitlist offers... Has anyone else had their status go from "added to waitlist" back to "pending"??
  8. Did your SOLUS always say "pending" or did it say that you were added to the waitlist and now its back to pending?
  9. Thank you! Yes I finally got in touch with them and they let me know I can send the transcript as it is now to be sure they have at least a copy of the grades by the June 18th deadline, and then to send them one again once the grades are approved.
  10. Hi Everyone, This might seem like a really stupid question but I was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on this. The U of C wants us to send our final official transcripts with any courses taken during fall/winter 2017/2018. I am assuming that for this transcript to be acceptable the grades need to be approved by the dean correct? I ask this because I am from the U of A and although all my grades for this past year are present on my transcript they have not been approved by the dean and so they are termed "unofficial" until they are approved. When I called the office of the registrar however, they informed me that they might not be approved until early June which leaves me a pretty short window of time to get the transcript to the U of C by the deadline. Has anyone here had any experience with this matter? If anyone here knows or has asked about the final transcripts and whether they need approved grades please let me know!! (I just dont want to wait around for the grades to be approved when they did not need to be as long as they are on the transcript). Also, the conditional acceptance states that if you had not completed a degree, but said that you would, you need to provide proof of completion of the degree. Is this with the transcript or is there a different verification of degree form that we have to send in? Any help on these matters would be super appreciated!! Thanks
  11. Does anyone know why the admissions office has been so quiet?? This is my first time applying but looking back dont they usually post stuff on their blog around this time?
  12. Is the cGPA calculation that includes first semester marks used for interview decision or admission? @medbruh
  13. I am interested!! Made an account just to reply to this
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