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  1. Don’t really know what happened lmao — rejected. But I was accepted to Toronto, uwo, and Saskatchewan, so idk what’s up there... I’m confident my references gave me great letters, so it wasn’t that.
  2. Just withdrew OOP acceptance. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!!!
  3. Are you ... looking for a tutor to tutor you on how to tutor dental students?
  4. Accepted this year yeah :) Their website says minimum 80% in your best two years.
  5. Could not tell you unfortunately. I don't even want to hazard a guess because it would be totally baseless lol If it helps, western looked at my second and third year marks (~82 and 93 respectively). I had an upward trend for all four of my years -- don't know if that helped though. They didn't look at my fourth year level as I saved a lot of electives in my degree to take pre-reqs in that year. I wasn't in a BSc. so I had to get a bit creative (things like organic chem I and II were not at the 3rd/4th year level) I don't know anything about the physiology challenge exam either, sorry!
  6. Average is in the range. It would rest on your DAT and how well you execute your personal statement and ABS
  7. Nope. Not going to lie I'm kind of surprised? I know of people who got in a while ago with much lower stats than I have and applied way later than me. I applied at the end of September... I had three Canadian interviews: 2 acceptances and a waitlist, and nothing from Ireland
  8. It's literally not a problem if it will be done by mid August and you get the form from admissions.
  9. Email admissions. There's a form you fill out and get signed saying that everything will be done by August 15th. Final transcripts are then due by Nov 30
  10. They're not like terrible. Could be stronger though.
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