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  1. Basc72

    UWO Invites/Regrets 2019

    Invite!!! IP Average for Western: 88 AA/RC/PAT: 22/22/19
  2. Waitlisted as well gpa: 3.85 but am a current masters student (not sure if they still boost) AA: 22 PAT: 19 interview: went pretty well I think they didn’t say ranking
  3. So invites are out. Figured I'd kick this thread off Invite/Reject IP/OOP 2 year GPA DAT: AA/RC/PAT -------------------------------------- Invite OOP 3.98 22/22/19
  4. The email said we'd find out by March 1st
  5. What do you mean May? ..
  6. Felt pretty good walking out, but now I'm overanalyzing everything lol. Definitely not productive..
  7. Basc72

    UofT Interview Invites 2019

    Invite!!! I'm like shaking right now holyyyyyyyyyyy GPA: 3.85 (although I'm a master's student right now) RC 22 Bio 21 Chem 22 ST 21 AA 22 PAT 19 IP
  8. I can't speak to whether a one year masters holds as much weight as a two year masters, but a one year masters allows you to keep applying to dental without missing an application cycle. I'm currently doing a one year masters (Master of Biomedical Science) at Guelph and I'm really enjoying it. I would totally recommend emailing profs associated with the program if you're looking for one year masters. There's a research project at the end (sort of akin to what a summer research project would be) and its super flexible as to what you can do it on. I'm actually able to put a dental spin on the program which I'm hoping will contribute to my marketability as a prospective dental student (my project involves isolating dental pulp stem cells from dog teeth and trying to get them to differentiate into nervous tissue [so hopefully in the future if the nerve of someone's tooth dies you can just regrow the nerve]). Hope this helps!
  9. Basc72


    Guelph Master's of Biomedical Science
  10. Just shoot them an email. I've only done one english as well but one of my minors was in history -- I just emailed a bunch of schools and asked if one of my histories could count towards an english (I had a bunch of upper level history classes that required extensive reading,research, and writing). Alberta said no, Manitoba said yes (I think? [ didn't end up applying there]), Buffalo said yes, and Dal said yes (although Dal required a history professor to corroborate that many of the same skills were required/taught). Hope that helps
  11. Does anybody know whether like the summer 2017 semester is considered part of the 2017-18 academic year? Does it vary by school? (If so, does anyone know what saskatchewan considers the beginning of an academic year)
  12. yeah, my bud’s friend rejected sask today in favour of western which i guess opened the spot to me on the OOP waitlist
  13. I was just accepted off the OOP waitlist!!!!!
  14. Waitlisted (upper third) OOP GPA for sask: 3.98 DAT: RC 22, AA 22, PAT 19