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  1. Around 10% of NOSM students are not from Northern Ontario (https://www.nosm.ca/education/md-program/admissions/class-profiles/). You being from a rural area in the south would put you in the running at least. Otherwise, when prospective students have asked this previously, the answer I recall is that context is out of 10 or something divisible by 10, and someone who lived in a northern city their entire life (e.g. Sudbury) would be a 5 or 6 out of 10. So you will lose out on context points, certainly, but that's not necessarily insurmountable. As to your questions regarding whether that can change, my understanding is that it's all taken into account. The longer you're in Northern Ontario, the more points you will accrue in this respect. And the more rural/remote the better.
  2. Sudbury has a really big artsy sort of scene. Lot of local bands, lot of live music, lot of festivals and such in the summer. And of course a ton of lakes and hiking trails and whatnot. Some good areas for hunting, too, if that's something that interests you. Syrian refugees opened up a pretty great restaurant there a couple years back, too, but I imagine our culinary offerings still aren't much compared to someplace like TO.
  3. Late, but in case anyone was curious, we sign an NDA on the interview date which prevents us from discussing any particulars about the MMI. That said, I read various popular books on MMIs and medicine and perused various recommended websites in preparation and at the time I felt things went well. Beyond that I'd say just know the school, know the curriculum, know about stuff salient to Northern Ontario or otherwise whatever is topical and medicine/healthcare related at the time.
  4. If you withdrew before a certain date at some schools the courses will not be recorded in any fashion on your transcript. Therefore, the schools won't see a hint of them, although as mentioned, if you didn't take full course load, that'll have its own ramifications.
  5. What a great idea, pedophile bear. You should definitely give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Also, Dude... Indian is not the preferred nomenclature. Native American, please.
  6. If you went reserves you'd probably make enough money working and via education reimbursement to cover your education expenses.
  7. If you're active in the reserves you can get $2000 a year in education reimbursement, up to a maximum of $8000.
  8. Tango Charlie

    The Office

    I really like Zach Galifinakis, but I don't think he'd be a good replacement. The way he's funny is not the way that Michael Scott as a character is funny. If Zach could pull off that sort of fake-cheery, sort of inept character then that'd be cool, but so far he's been more of a grossly-inappropriate kind of funny. I mean, just watch Between Two Ferns on YouTube, or the Tim and Eric vodka ads.
  9. The only reason they do it is because guys let them do it. A weird nerd guy would hopefully have the sense to know that a really attractive woman who spontaneously begins flirting with him and then asks him for something is being manipulative. If they don't, well, at least he'd get to spend time talking to a girl, right?
  10. I've never seen that happen. Why do you "hate" it though? Would you rather they used you instead? Or are you just disappointed that a woman is using her feminine wiles to take advantage of your fellow man?
  11. I hate being dependent on other people. I never, ever study with other people and I would not accept an offer to do so unless it was a woman asking and ulterior motives were suggested.
  12. Bit of a non-issue. Toward the end the author makes mention of "belligerent, vandalizing drunks" making a med school seem disreputable. Well, that sort of behaviour can wind up with the individual getting a criminal record if the cops aren't in the mood that night, so it's on a whole 'nother playing field than having a patient see some cleavage. Personally I think it's a non-issue if a future or former patient sees you relaxed and/or drunk at a bar or whatever. If they make you uncomfortable at the bar you stonewall them and make it clear you're not interested in pursuing the conversation. If they bring it up when you're on the job, put your game face on and bring the conversation back to them like you're hopefully taught to do when patients start becoming too familiar. All-in-all it's hardly something new to medicine, and hardly unique to the medical field. Just don't be a wimp who can't be assertive when dealing with people and it won't be an issue.
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