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  1. Just wondering why you are retaking the DAT when the scores in your bio section look amazing!!!
  2. Hi! I wrote the American DAT (for different reasons) and have got accepted in dentistry for this coming year. Yes you can write two DATs in one year. The ADA and CDA are different institutions and I'm sure their rules do not apply to each other. (But call to double check, you never know!) There is some misinformation above. All schools WILL NOT look at all your sections. Most (if not all) schools will only take the same sections as the Canadian DAT. I have asked many admissions departments this question and they have all told me this. For the schools you want to apply to, double check but I can guarantee they will not take your organic chemistry and quantitative reasoning. With that being said CHECK if the dental colleges you are applying to accept the American DAT. Some don't explicitly say on their websites, and some do. I would hate for you to write the 'wrong' DAT and not be able to apply anymore! Even though I know that what I typed here is 100% true, DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. There is way too much misinformation on this website (just look at the reply above, misinformation central). With something as important as your application to dental school, TAKE IT INTO YOUR OWN HANDS. Be that annoying person who emails and calls just to be sure. You'll be glad you did when you get that acceptance email.
  3. I read through Cliff's AP and I believe at the end of each section they have a summary. I'd study the summary to jog my memory a bit.then I took the DAT bootcamp quizzes and then studied all the answers I got wrong. By then end of it (like 3-4 days before my DAT) I just read and reviewed all the stuff (including for chem, etc) for 8hrs a day. It was crazy, but paid off with a 27BIO.
  4. DAT bootcamp really worked for me! I studied everything I could from it. The practice tests really challenged me. I started studying in early August for the DAT in November. I did a little bit everyday, but taking a break here or there (like on Thanksgiving or something). I don't know how busy you are, but believe me, there is always more time in the day to study for the DAT. Fit it in wherever you can, whether that's before class, commuting, or for some light reading before bed (haha). You can do it!
  5. My RBC advisor told me that I could only get 250k so that's strange. Maybe different locations offer different maximums? Even though that seems silly because they're the same company. So weird.
  6. Someone is a little supercilious... Instead of being condescending, you could've decided to be helpful. Not typing out a response also takes 0 energy. For the sake of your peers I hope you're not so patronizing in person.
  7. Just letting you guys know I have just officially pressed the 'decline' button. I don't know how fast these things work but one IP will be getting their acceptance soon!!!!
  8. They probably won't ask direct questions about extracurriculars, but it helps you be a more memorable applicant. Relating experiences in your life to your questions instantly enhances your answer. I touched on aspects from volunteering, playing an instrument, and dancing. The interviewers like to hear about stuff like that because it is different and more original. It shows that you are a person, not a 4.0 robot. I have met many people who have achieved very high averages, but they do nothing outside of school and have little to show other than that 4.0, which is not the most important part of life by a LONG SHOT.
  9. Accepted! IP GPA- like 91ish, I forget the exact number DAT- 21RC 24AA 23PAT Interview- Literally just said 'screw it' and winged it. I was just completely myself I think I will be declining for U of T. Good luck to all the waitlisters! I'm sure that'll make someone's day I went to U of S for 3 years of my undergrad. Those who are accepting, you'll love it! The health science building and library are brand new and beautiful. Plus a Tims right in the atrium! Saskatoon is a lovely and beautiful city, just don't pack away your parka till May haha!
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