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  1. congratulations! I haven't heard from the admissions office but I hope I get an update on how much it has moved exactly!
  2. Can we post wait list updates in this forum as well just so we aren't all asking the same questions and remain on the same page?
  3. Does anyone know how admissions calculated scores for everyone for GPA/DAT/Interview/Personality Test? Was it the same as previous years?
  4. I keep thinking of it as well! How I could have approached a question differently or added something and how I presented myself. Overall I loved the initial meet/greet with staff and students, it made me calm down a bit before I began. Also the interviewers were very friendly and responsive. Not sure what to expect!!
  5. It was my first time writing as well and felt the same way about RC and PAT. Overall glad I didn't get any 15s too!
  6. TS: 23 PAT: 19 RC: 18 Overall happy minus the RC mark but still much better than I expected considering I felt like I guessed more than half the questions.
  7. Anyone else not want to check until they finish their exams just so their disappointment doesn't ruin their exams this semester?
  8. But what do you do in the meantime? Work of course to make the money but how can you improve your chances of getting in the following year or year after that? You'll never know what your chances are
  9. I'm super worried about this too. I haven't gotten my DAT score yet and it was my first time writing it so super nervous. From what I remember from the day of the test ... it didn't go well. And I'm in the same boat as you. Really hoping to get in in Canada because it's hard to afford anything else. Don't know what to do if I don't get in and how many times to give this dream a chance. Confuseddddd.
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